01 January 2008

Customize your Windows Live Messenger with Messenger Plus! Live

For people who are MSN Messenger users or Windows Live Messenger users, maybe is you, you can always customize your messenger with many additional features like coloured nicknames, auto message, command download script, etc. By using Messenger Plus! Live, you can customize your messenger even the skins! I have already use Plus! since 2005, but my anti-spyware software says it is adware, yup, Plus! is adware, with the condition you accept to join the sponsor program offered by third party company.

But i always let my anti-spyware display the warning as the software are not able directly to harm my computer.(my opinion)

You can download this great stuff on the world and starts to customize your Windows Live Messenger.

You can check the latest version of Windows Live Messenger by clicking HERE

You can Download Plus! by clicking HERE
Messenger Plus! Live

p.s. please keep the Windows Live Messenger updated and also Plus!.
Plus! will perform auto update with your permission.

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