01 January 2008

How to remove ads on Yahoo Messenger 9?

A few months ago, i have started to use Yahoo Messenger. I use the YM 9 because it is more beautiful and attractive, has a brand new look. But the only who damaged the nice looking YM 9 is the Advertisement on the bottom of the YM 9 window. Picture on the left shows there is ads column on YM 9.

But now there are some patches we can use to remove the ads column. But i only found a patch, that is able to remove the ads column.

The patch can be downloaded HERE

Please be sure to scan the file you downloaded because it may contains virus, trojan horse or any spyware using anti-virus and anti-spyware.

But i have scanned it by updated AVG, it shows no virus detected. But it is better you to scan it first before open the file.

After applying the patch, i launched YM 9 and i found it is ad-free now. YEAH!

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