01 January 2008

Windows Live Messenger Display Picture Auto Change.

I found a software for Windows Live Messenger, I have not try it yet for my own Messenger, maybe you can try and give me know the result!

One friend of mine feels very proud when she has her own Display pictures from Windows Live Messenger that are able to change for a period such as 30 seconds per image, i wonder where she get the application.

Today, i found a software that can auto-change our display pictures when we sign in our Windows Live Messenger.

Messenger Pictures Auto is a freeware give you control to change your messenger picture display auto mode.

Choose the folder where your avatars included then choose what time you want before change again..

Very easy to use and available in many languages and small size software.

Messenger Pictures Auto compatible with MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.

This application is FREE, so you do not need to pay anything
You can download this application by clicking HERE.

But i have not try the software yet because my Live Messenger has some unknown error, maybe i need to reformat comp later.

To those who has used this software, please comment here.
Thank you!

Windows Live Messenger customization
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