31 January 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here, Bibombio Tay wishes you a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai
By bibombio

Why I design this?
Well, I used to do stuff like this on every events, such as Chinese New Year, Christmas and New Year as well as Raya Aidilfitri too! Also Valentines Day.

About my CNY design:
1. Number 8 on upper left side.
Ans: Well, this is my lucky number for this year!
( Cannot see? you can highlight my pic above, you will see a clearly number 8)

2. A mouse pic?
Ans: This year is Mouse(Rat) Year.

3. Why there is ''for friendster and blogspot"?
Well, i have A friendster account too!
I also need visitors to my blogs! I want to be popular*!!!
* but no gossip like many actors and actress today.

30 January 2008

my homework

yesterday 29/1/2008, i even have no time to online because of my homework, haiz...why i am a bit weak in accounting????? i hope i can do accounting very well.

And Yes! 1/2/2008, i have succesfully do my homework with less error!

28 January 2008

CNY Special:Free Live Messenger Emoticon

Chinese New Year is coming soon.
So, me wishing you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

Here I also collected some Windows Live Messenger Emoticons for your Live Messenger Collection!






finally i work as a cleaner

today, i came back home from extra class, without making my homework, i start to clean my house front, aiyo, Chinese New Year coming nearer and nearer what?

although i am just clean front of my house, that is car parking and windows panel with windows glasses as well as wiping lamp panel, it already took up few hours! from 2.30pm, after my lunch to 4.30pm!

after that i clean my living room's fan and computer table. behind my computer table there are many tahi cicak, or lizard shit, haha, but for me is nothing, lizard is our friends right? the lizard eats up mosquitos and small insects, help us to kill the naughty insects...

27 January 2008

new look of me!

Today, i went to saloon to hair cut.

Before this, i never went to saloon to cut hair or make anything about hair, before this, i just cut my hair to number 3 crew cut from a small hair cut shop near my house. But my mother 'force' me cut a 'nice' hair, she want my hair style to be stylish and nice looking( i wonder number 3 crew cut not nice ma??).

When i sit on the chair, i have no idea on what hair style i should cut, so the leng girl just cut for me the hair style called 'spiky'. Hahaha, this is my first time cut such hair style like this... but i am obedient to my parents, so i simple accept it...

actually this sis my second time went into a real saloon... yup, first time is because my mother want me to cut a fashioned hair style but the hair dresser said my hair is not enough long. You will think i am childish...yes, because i don't like to go to saloon, because waste money only...(huh? yes! i only use RM 4 to cut crew cut, but this spiky hair eat up me RM 15...siao! with RM 15 i can cut three times and a lunch!

But my personal thinking, our external looking represent our standard, so i can say it is quite nice to spend more money so that our standard is higher.

actually i am quite happy with my hair style and i think will change again...haha

26 January 2008

a fun or a boring day?

Yesterday, i went to Chang Sen Xue Longevitology Centre to help other people by meditating them. The mediattion time is from 10.00am to 12.00. This is the second time i went to the centre, but the first time i went back home immediately but for the second time, i just wait to help to "put hands to one madame, when her muscle cramp, the crampness will spread to almost whole body, so six volunteers, or members of Chang Sen Xue include me putting hands to whole body of the madame. After quite "long'" time, around 12.30pm, we had finish and the madame feels more relax. We feel very grateful and happy as as she. ''The lunch time had come!'' huh? i wonder why centre also serves lunch, oh i see, it just a simple tea time but with delicious Char Mee and some deli. But because of one of the member's birthday, so we celebrate at the centre and although almost many of the members are old folks, but they can talk and enjoy with people more younger like me!
That afternoon, i am also followed my mother to shopping to buy some Chinese New Year clothes, but i feel quite boring at there, with no reason!. Finally i also have my new clothes, haha.

24 January 2008

feel pity of my teacher

today as usual i went to my accounting class, i feel very pity and sorry because my teacher has ill and no sound for two days already. So she just give us homework to do, and today she still cannot speak with her loud voice.

i already brought one sachet or herb tea powder, i think want to give her after class, but she has went out just left her husband in the tuition centre. i feel regret because didnt gave my teacher when she is present.. but if i do, others will think that i am just making no sense and try to bodek my teacher.

Do not drive over newspaper on the road

Today i checked at my mail box, i found this email had been forwarded to me from my friend.
Below is the content of the mail.

If you are driving in Malaysia, do take note of the advice below. Plse pass this onto yr friends. Avoid driving over newspapers strewn on the road It would appear that this technique has reached Malaysia from Indonesia.

Life here is getting more like in Indonesia these days. This story which was circulated to me reminds me of the traps set in certain parts of Jakarta by robbers. Some people have lost their lives over this. They drive into certain lonely roads in Jakarta to find pieces of wood with nails in them on the road. This causes their tyres to go flat. If they get out of their cars, they are set upon by robbers who will take everything: their cars, wallets, anything valuable and sometimes their lives.

Avoid driving over newspapers strewn on the Road a new trap set by Robbers. This incident happened some where in KL and forwarded to me by a friend.
This person was driving alone at night when he saw newspapers lying around in the middle of the road. Without giving it much thought, he drove pass the stack of papers. No one would expect to find heaps of rocks and stones beneath the papers!! Wanting to know the damage to his car, he stopped to check.

Need I say more.the moment he got out of h! is car, he was robbed by a group of guys and lost his properties/belon gings. Just imagine what would have happen if this had happen to a girl/woman....

So folks, please be careful, do not stop when you're driving alone at night no matter what ! Avoid driving over the papers if you see newspapers lying on the road, this could be a new trick for the desparate fraternity out there !!!!!!

No. 5 Jalan Sri Semantan Satu
50490 Kuala Lumpur

I hope that everybody whether at what place will take care about this and not to driving over the newspaper.

Below the some suggestion as i know to make sure safety purposes,
Not to drive shortcut in dark road
Accompany with friends or family
When accident occurred especially , do not came out you car
Use 999 if any case happened
inform family or/and friends if you go to anyplace.

I think police have to work harder to stop this problem, although it cannot be zeroed, but it can be reduced.

19 January 2008

About these cars

Yesterday 18/1, Proton launched a new version of Proton Saga, before its codenamed Proton BLM. Yesterday, my mom pass by the Proton Showroom nearby my house, unfortunately i didnt followed my mom because i got something to do, she went there and saw the latest car from proton. According to my mom, the car quite nice, and cheaper.

Before this she already decided to buy a brand new Nissan Latio, but when this came out, her mind, again twisted again, thinking of the ''cheap'' price of Saga(sorry to say that, but it is very cheap as compared to Savvy, Myvi or Persona)

Below is some pics Proton Saga.
New Proton Saga - Rear 3/4

The Comparison of national cars with Saga. I had took these images on PAULTAN.ORG, the famous car blogger, personally i very admired at every posts on his blog because he can answer many questions that we wanted to know and for sure we must refer to the salesman, but with the site, you dont need.

New Proton Saga - Interior Table

New Proton Saga - Exterior Dimensions Table

soon, the Proton Saga will be ready for it. New Proton Saga - Dashboard
New Proton Saga - Dashboard

New Proton Saga
Manual transmission meter panel

New Proton Saga
Automatic transmission meter panel

New Proton Saga

I do not like the style of the rear windows screen of Saga, it cannot be fully winded down. But Proton made like that because of some reasons, one of the reasons is there are always kids standing while accompanied by adult the the head can easily out of windows, Proton made this so that the kids are not high enough to reach out the windows, but for sure kids will do anything to make sure they show their head out of windows.

New Proton Saga

See this pic, the Proton Saga are quite high too. It is slightly lower than Nissan Latio.

New Proton Saga

Nissan Latio Pics- I am very liking to Nissan Latio too! :) Well it is nice and comfortable!

Nissan Latio - Front

Nissan Latio - Rear

Nissan Latio Sedan - Front

Nissan Latio - Interior

Nissan Latio Sedan - Side

Nissan Latio - Interior Seats

Nissan Latio - Meter Console

Sporty Looking

This is the source:
Proton Saga Source from Paultan.org Here - more details and more pics.

These picture's copyright goes to Paultan.org

12 January 2008

Hillary tears cheat citizens

American and American Buyan climax after another, Democratic primaries, Hillary poll experts to break glasses, big surprise defeat obama performance, it also shows the former first lady is charming, the United States presidential election may be busy period. But in the meantime, the same Democratic nomination for the new Mexicali Mexico has long Richard's early announcement to withdraw from the election.

Strong, aggressive, Hillary has always given the impression, but tearfully complained of you have not seen Hillary, Hillary, on the eve of the New Hampshire primary vote to reverse the grim image of tears successfully attract votes, win obama originally favoured by the New Hampshire primaries as the biggest surprise.

But netizens have ridiculed, Hillary Clinton's husband was in tears behind the Global DRAM Pricing of defrauding the public sympathy votes to support Hillary voters did not forget to counterattack, New Hampshire all the way fire spread to the Internet blog.

In fact, has become a First Lady, Hillary Clinton has never been unwilling to live in the White House is a yin Ruizhu. Strongwoman Hillary, the image of the center-right chord, a conservative who left seething, when the outbreak of the Clinton scandal, Hillary Clinton was willing to become a woman behind. Hillary Clinton for the other stations on stage, but it is the first to play the role of President.

New Hampshire primaries, the two parties face new election, New Mexico's long on the 9th Richard also announced to withdraw from the election, less a competitor does not mean that the road from Hillary smooth election, the Hillary Clinton halo , it is also assistance resistance, once brilliant and splendid times, but yesterday's flower is after all, enter the White House, Clinton also out of its own way.

Global warming / pig manure is money!

Renewable energy is now very popular topic, pig manure can not be wasted. South Korea use pig manure to extract methane generation has been successfully started.

Pigs are one - from top to bottom, even pig manure can not be wasted, South Korea a pig farmers raised 4,000 pigs, each bow Mengqi, they made a day manure is considerable. In South Korea, the only previous pig excrement discharged into the sea as waste, but the pig farmers that Germany was pig manure can be converted into electricity, and decided to follow suit since.

South Korean farmers will be collecting pig manure, manure pile where the smell Cupola, Barron's, but pig farmers use bacteria from the stench of decomposition of methane extraction key, which is the methane can be used as energy.

South Korean farmers said: "We are pig farmers from now on, should be doing so, we have reached the 2011 pig manure can no longer discharged into the sea, and this is our response to the Road, the Government would be able to bring renewable energy."

- The contribution of the pig farms, have been brought to light and heat at 100 people, the Government has vigorously implement the "pig to" hope that one day could replace the expensive oil oil



台 北县立医院中医师郑昌贤表示,藉由中医体质调理可以改善手脚冰冷的症状。从中医观点来看,冬季是阳气内伏的季节,而手脚相对于身体躯而言是人体的末稍。冬 季「阳气内守,不达四末」,所以在冬天特别容易出现手脚冰凉的现象。手脚冰凉的现象又可以简单区分为两种类型:一种是手脚冰凉,身体也怕冷的,这种人大多 是「虚寒」体质;另一种类型是手脚冰凉,但是身体却热呼呼的,这是因为身体阳气无法运送到手脚末稍所致。这两种体质都可以透过中医的体质调理而改善。


【规律运动】养成规律运动的习惯,每周最少三次,每次约20-30分钟,做到稍微出汗为止。建议你不妨一早起来做运动,健走大步往前走,双手顺便甩一甩, 走上30分钟,全身就会热起来。运动不但可以促进血液循环和新陈新陈代谢有助于强化体温调节的能力,让你整天都充满活力。

【重视饮食饮食】郑昌贤医师指出,在冬季的日常饮食应以「温」、「补」为主,避免冰凉饮品、生冷食物和油腻不易消化的食物。合理安排一日三餐,摄取均衡、 营养营养物,增强身体的抗寒能力。有抽烟习惯的朋友,因为抽烟会导致血管硬化、降低身体血液循环,建议要戒烟或减量哦。


11 January 2008

Adverlets recovered!

Today I opened my mailbox, and i found two emails sent by Adverlets. According to Mr Josh, Adverlets was made an error in judgment. And with apologize by Mr Josh, as a human being, anything made wrong, we must accept their apologize and promise not to do another time, me too! I would like to receive their apologize too, with open heart.

The second mail,

Some of you may have noted this over the past few days, but we wanted to make sure before notifying our members. We'll like to officially announce that we are fully back online now as DNS servers internationally have now resolved. Hence, all issues regarding the code have been resolved and you can reinstate your Advertlets Ad units.

So, for members can start to reinstate the ad units. But I think for this period I will not place any Adverlets Ad units in this blog. This is because I have placed Nuffnang Ads here.

05 January 2008

Adverlets.com Expired !!

Today, as usual I online to view my blog home page, but the home page has become another domain but has the word Adverlets.

The domain is as below

So, i though i had typed a wrong web address or did not launch the web site, but i re-click my bookmark that direct to my blogspot homepage for the second time. And now the homepage redirect for the second time to the same domain as listed above.

At first, I thought my blog has been hacked by someone irresponsible, but after checking twice, I realised the Adverlets sidebar caused this problem.

Also I made some screenshots to prove i am not bluffing.[Click images to see clear full captured screen]

1. My blog homepage redirect to www.adbaaz.com/...

2. www.adverlets.com after expired.
The page shows Adverlets expired on 3 January 2008.
After two days, they still did not renew their account.


To make sure my blog does not redirect, again, I deleted my Adverlets advertisement Script for a temporary period.

update 12 February 2008:
Now i embedded Adverlets ads on this blog now! Yeah!

Official Google Blog: Where's my Gphone?

Official Google Blog: Where's my Gphone?

the world of google phone

Google nowadays is likely to invest on mobile stuff. Google at first deal with softwares, and now is phone! The phone is likely on store in 2008. It likely on Spring 2008. For me, G-phone it a great phone where the browsing speed is improved and it is like iPhone.

G-phone is manufactured by HTC, a PDA maker from Taiwan. Its products has good sales in Malaysia, too. Inside the G-phone, have built-in with Google software. This software can help improve the speed of internet browsing. The software may include a browser that uses Google's transcoder to optimize web pages for the phone, easy to access Google search, maps, Gmail, Blogger and maybe more.

I think this will affect the name of Apple's iPhone. iPhone, the most thing that i feel most hatred is the undetactable batery, this make the battery are undisposeable. It is a funny thing that why Apple made a decison to glue up the battery to the iPhone.

G-Phone maybe change the world of mobile, can Google compete with mobile phone giant, the Nokia? I think Google got its plans!

There are some pictures on the Google Phone.

I wish I can get the first one, looks elegant and higher class.

Find out where i go Google Maps

Last month, I get to know from a friend that my mobile phones that my phone is able to install GPS. All i need to do is go to a service shop and request a installation of GPS software on my phone. But i still need the bluetooth receiver. What?? Bluetooth receiver is quite expensive for me and I need to collect money before i can purchse it. So I give out.

But today, I found on net says my phone are supported to check my location, but how? The answer is Google Maps. Google Maps with My Location, and now is currently in beta stage, offering you, me and anyone to know where are your location based on calculation of distance from phone to receiver of the telecommunication station.

I shared at here because I found it very nice to use. And i will start to use next week because i just can topup my account on next week! I though just GPS ready phones are just can be used for knowing our location, but with Google Maps, I will kow my location at anytime, any place, any where with no GPS receiver. Note that my N73 has no GPS receiver, I must plug-in the bluetooth receiver to allow me to use GPS system.

Below is the video I found that introduce Google Maps with My Location

Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6gqipmbcok

To get more infos on My Location feature click here

To try out interactive demo click here

Will Google Knol blast off Wikipedia?

Have you ever used the services of Wikipedia, the world encyclopedia with more than 125 different languages include Thagalog?

For me, Wikipedia is a must if I want to search for anything new and something that I do not know about. But, Google is now try to compete with Wikipedia. Google introduce a new publishing platform called Google Knol. With this Google Knol, the actual name of the writer will be published. While, Wikipedia is based on collaborative, many writers will contribute on it. The aim of Knol is encouraging people to contribute knowledge, so each content on the page(s) will be authorized.

Knol is still in development stage and this is just the first phase of testing. Only invitation are allowed to use this service. Once the beta testing is completed, everyone be able to participate in Knol. People will be able to submit comments, edits, questions, additional content, etc. Rating on the contents also can be done. Reviews on the contents written too. Knol will also include references and links to additional information to relevant pages.

Wikipedia generate their service by donations from people all over the world. But in Knol, google will add Google ads that are suitable to the content of the page. And the service is still free just like Wikipedia!

Click this link to see an example of Knol page:

Read more related news on Google Knol

04 January 2008

I need to work?

Since a few days ago, many people are continuously asking me this question:

Others: Tay, you have find a job for you?
Me : No.
Others: Why you dont want to fine a part time job? You can get money so that you can buy things you like.
Me : .....

I could not answer them.
This is because I have finish my SPM, a Malaysia Examination, i need only to wait the results.
I wonder why they are quite ''ke po''?
maybe they are take care of me, if like this, why they do not give me a job immediately?

Today i am a driver of my mother!

Today, my mother call me to learn to drive car. Because of I dont have my own car, so i need my mother's car to learn to drive car. Even I already have Driving License. But my mother still did not trust my driving performance.

And today, around 6.30pm, i tried to drive while my mother is my guardian. And very poor me, she scolded me because of driving too near the shoulder of the road. The location is around my residential area.

And i think i am still a banana driver and not approved to drive on the big road.

Kelantan Welcomes You!

The Year to be remembered offering culture, people and food. Beauty - and the East.

There are endless, colorful programess specially prepared for your year book throughout 2008.

Be here at the right time and at the right place. There alot to explore & experience the beauty of Kelantanese cultures.

Welcome to our VISIT KELANTAN YEAR 2008

Kelantan is located at the north-east coast of Peninsular Malaysia facing the south China Sea and covers a land area of 14,922 sq km. Its state capital, Kota Bharu, is a bustling town well connected to other major towns in Malaysia serves as the center for Kelantan's administrative and business activities. Kelantan is famed for its unique cultural diversity, white sandy beaches, waterfalls and lush tropical jungle.

The Kelantan Tourist Information Centre and State Government are keen to promote eco-tourism white maintaining the delicate ecological balance in nature. Investors have the opportunity to set-up international class hotel and beach resort, restaurant, souvenir shop, sight seeing and tour operations meet the growing needs of increasing tourist's arrival.

1. Mount Stong Waterfall. The altitude of Mount Stong is 1,433m.

2. Pantai Sri Tujuh - The Beach of Seven Lagoons.

3. The making of Batik cloth. You also can try it out yourself here!

As a Kelantan people, I take this opportunity wishing all of you welcome to Kelantan.
Once you come, you will feel it the sensation!


About Visit Kelantan Year 2008

Dubbed the “Cradle of Malay Civilization,” Kelantan will focus its Visit Kelantan Year 2008 campaign on its unique culture with special highlights on folk-based activities such as traditional games, cultural performances and traditional food festivals. Kelantan has lined up 28 events that are expected to draw both local and international tourists to the state this year.

Among the international events that will take place throughout the state next year are Royal Go-Kart Competition, International Kite Festival, 100 Rice Festival & ASEAN Food Festival and
Nenggiri International Challenge. There are also cultural festivals such as Songkran, Loy Krathong and Kelantan Fest which showcase Kelantan’s unique culture.

1. Loy Kratong Festival. People are release light candle on the water on river with their wish(es).

2. Kelantanese Food. Clockwise from right side, 1. Kau Jam or Green Leaf Rice. 2. Nasi Dagang or Dagang Rice, with chicken curry or rendang. 3. Fired Chicken with honey 4. Sate or Meat Sticks with delicious Nasi Kapit or Underpressured rice(translation)

For more information, please contact:
Jalan Sultan Ibrahim, 15050 Kota Bharu
Kelantan, MALAYSIA.
Phone : +609 748 5534 / +609 748 3543
Fax : +609 748 6652
E-mail : pmn@kelantan.gov.my

Slowest Escalator ever have

The video shows one of the mall in Singapore. People on the escalator and finally walk to go down because of the s-l-o-w moving escalator! Please see it carefully, see what is the speed of the escalator? Even a baby crawling faster than that?

Comments on Tesco Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Congratulations to Tesco, because came to Kelantan and invest in Kelantan. The economic growth will raise because many of Kelantanese are heavy buyer. Tesco in Kota Bharu also help Kelantanese to have their job without leaving Kelantan to other places to earn a living.

Based on my opinion, Tesco Kota Bharu has many things for customer to select, many shop lots selling different things. It is really a one-stop for customers.

I went to there on the opening day, I being welcomed warmly by Tesco workers with a 'Selamat Datang' ( Welcome in English). I being confirmed by someone that the parkings are FULL, are this mean parking places are not enough? Maybe the first day many peoples will rushed to there to become the first to see how is the place look like.

However when i take a walk, i looked around, i could not find a dustbin! What??? There are less dustbin inside the Tesco Kota Bharu. I also went to the washroom, i feel hard to see a dustbin because it is hidden from our(male wahroom) eyesight because it is at the back of wall near to the door of the washroom.

The vegetable are fresh everyday?
look at two pictures i took.
maybe the vegetables are grown like that? or it is already wilted?

However, the prices at Tesco are not expensive and can be accepted by people, include me!
Look the Mandarins. size ranged 65mm to 96 mm, 4kg. RM 8.88.

But I cannot see even one Chinese Characters inside the Tesco Kota Bharu except for the Nagoya textiles.

I hope that
1.Tesco can add some Dustbin inside Tesco Kota Bharu.
2.Add chinese words?
3.Provide some chairs outside the Tesco Hyper Mart.

1.Tesco opens at Kota Bharu! - Kini Dibuka Pasar Raya Tesco Kota Bharu!
2.Video about Tesco Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Video about Tesco Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Belows are videos inside Tesco Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

The first video shows Food Court at Tesco Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
The second video shows the Entrance to Tesco Hyper Mart, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

1.Tesco opens at Kota Bharu! - Kini Dibuka Pasar Raya Tesco Kota Bharu!
2.Comments on Tesco Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Tesco opens at Kota Bharu! - Kini Dibuka Pasar Raya Tesco Kota Bharu!

Tesco started its business on 3rd January 2008 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.
I had visited there to see how grand is the Tesco, and for what i saw there, Tesco is completely organized and it has quite complete direction boards.

And I am also took some pictures using my mobile phone, the image are quite blur, but i am try to get most clear image, and what you know? i have deleted and retook and deleted again and retook again to make sure my pictures are as clear as digital camera products.

The image on the left shows one of the banner that shows the direction on how to go to Tesco. The words 'Kini Dibuka' mean Open Now.

The image on the right shows a traffic light that has a junction turn to Tesco.

The image on left and right show outside of the Tesco.
with three colour design, white, blue and red.

This image shows Tesco are not forget the Disabled person. They have their special parking for Disabled Person. First
in Kelantan! Well Done Tesco! And also special parking for parents with baby.

This image shows peoples are queuing up to register to become a Tesco ClubCard member.

This image shows locker located at outside of Tesco Hypermart. Just 50 Sen is needed and you can lock your important things safely.
You can also store your things temporary at counter with a number.

Left -Chinese New Year goods are
available at Tesco Kota Bharu.

Right - Inside Tesco Kota Bharu.

Left- You will see Bakery, Deli,
Meats and Seafoods along this

Right- Different products from different states in Malaysia are orderly arranged.

Left - Broadway path

Right image- Where should i go?
This area are equipped with escalators.

Outside Tesco Hyper mart ( Shop Lots)

The Ketupat making competition conducted by Radio dan Televisyen Malaysia Kelantan. The person who wins is given Cash Voucher by Tesco.

Parkway - a well known Gift shop opened!

Secret Recipe - sell delicious foods and cakes.

Nagoya Textiles - selling fabrics and clothes with reasonable prices.

1.Comments on Tesco Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
2.Video about Tesco Kota Bharu, Kelantan.