11 January 2008

Adverlets recovered!

Today I opened my mailbox, and i found two emails sent by Adverlets. According to Mr Josh, Adverlets was made an error in judgment. And with apologize by Mr Josh, as a human being, anything made wrong, we must accept their apologize and promise not to do another time, me too! I would like to receive their apologize too, with open heart.

The second mail,

Some of you may have noted this over the past few days, but we wanted to make sure before notifying our members. We'll like to officially announce that we are fully back online now as DNS servers internationally have now resolved. Hence, all issues regarding the code have been resolved and you can reinstate your Advertlets Ad units.

So, for members can start to reinstate the ad units. But I think for this period I will not place any Adverlets Ad units in this blog. This is because I have placed Nuffnang Ads here.

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