05 January 2008

Adverlets.com Expired !!

Today, as usual I online to view my blog home page, but the home page has become another domain but has the word Adverlets.

The domain is as below

So, i though i had typed a wrong web address or did not launch the web site, but i re-click my bookmark that direct to my blogspot homepage for the second time. And now the homepage redirect for the second time to the same domain as listed above.

At first, I thought my blog has been hacked by someone irresponsible, but after checking twice, I realised the Adverlets sidebar caused this problem.

Also I made some screenshots to prove i am not bluffing.[Click images to see clear full captured screen]

1. My blog homepage redirect to www.adbaaz.com/...

2. www.adverlets.com after expired.
The page shows Adverlets expired on 3 January 2008.
After two days, they still did not renew their account.


To make sure my blog does not redirect, again, I deleted my Adverlets advertisement Script for a temporary period.

update 12 February 2008:
Now i embedded Adverlets ads on this blog now! Yeah!

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