04 January 2008

Comments on Tesco Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Congratulations to Tesco, because came to Kelantan and invest in Kelantan. The economic growth will raise because many of Kelantanese are heavy buyer. Tesco in Kota Bharu also help Kelantanese to have their job without leaving Kelantan to other places to earn a living.

Based on my opinion, Tesco Kota Bharu has many things for customer to select, many shop lots selling different things. It is really a one-stop for customers.

I went to there on the opening day, I being welcomed warmly by Tesco workers with a 'Selamat Datang' ( Welcome in English). I being confirmed by someone that the parkings are FULL, are this mean parking places are not enough? Maybe the first day many peoples will rushed to there to become the first to see how is the place look like.

However when i take a walk, i looked around, i could not find a dustbin! What??? There are less dustbin inside the Tesco Kota Bharu. I also went to the washroom, i feel hard to see a dustbin because it is hidden from our(male wahroom) eyesight because it is at the back of wall near to the door of the washroom.

The vegetable are fresh everyday?
look at two pictures i took.
maybe the vegetables are grown like that? or it is already wilted?

However, the prices at Tesco are not expensive and can be accepted by people, include me!
Look the Mandarins. size ranged 65mm to 96 mm, 4kg. RM 8.88.

But I cannot see even one Chinese Characters inside the Tesco Kota Bharu except for the Nagoya textiles.

I hope that
1.Tesco can add some Dustbin inside Tesco Kota Bharu.
2.Add chinese words?
3.Provide some chairs outside the Tesco Hyper Mart.

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