24 January 2008

Do not drive over newspaper on the road

Today i checked at my mail box, i found this email had been forwarded to me from my friend.
Below is the content of the mail.

If you are driving in Malaysia, do take note of the advice below. Plse pass this onto yr friends. Avoid driving over newspapers strewn on the road It would appear that this technique has reached Malaysia from Indonesia.

Life here is getting more like in Indonesia these days. This story which was circulated to me reminds me of the traps set in certain parts of Jakarta by robbers. Some people have lost their lives over this. They drive into certain lonely roads in Jakarta to find pieces of wood with nails in them on the road. This causes their tyres to go flat. If they get out of their cars, they are set upon by robbers who will take everything: their cars, wallets, anything valuable and sometimes their lives.

Avoid driving over newspapers strewn on the Road a new trap set by Robbers. This incident happened some where in KL and forwarded to me by a friend.
This person was driving alone at night when he saw newspapers lying around in the middle of the road. Without giving it much thought, he drove pass the stack of papers. No one would expect to find heaps of rocks and stones beneath the papers!! Wanting to know the damage to his car, he stopped to check.

Need I say more.the moment he got out of h! is car, he was robbed by a group of guys and lost his properties/belon gings. Just imagine what would have happen if this had happen to a girl/woman....

So folks, please be careful, do not stop when you're driving alone at night no matter what ! Avoid driving over the papers if you see newspapers lying on the road, this could be a new trick for the desparate fraternity out there !!!!!!

No. 5 Jalan Sri Semantan Satu
50490 Kuala Lumpur

I hope that everybody whether at what place will take care about this and not to driving over the newspaper.

Below the some suggestion as i know to make sure safety purposes,
Not to drive shortcut in dark road
Accompany with friends or family
When accident occurred especially , do not came out you car
Use 999 if any case happened
inform family or/and friends if you go to anyplace.

I think police have to work harder to stop this problem, although it cannot be zeroed, but it can be reduced.

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