05 January 2008

Find out where i go Google Maps

Last month, I get to know from a friend that my mobile phones that my phone is able to install GPS. All i need to do is go to a service shop and request a installation of GPS software on my phone. But i still need the bluetooth receiver. What?? Bluetooth receiver is quite expensive for me and I need to collect money before i can purchse it. So I give out.

But today, I found on net says my phone are supported to check my location, but how? The answer is Google Maps. Google Maps with My Location, and now is currently in beta stage, offering you, me and anyone to know where are your location based on calculation of distance from phone to receiver of the telecommunication station.

I shared at here because I found it very nice to use. And i will start to use next week because i just can topup my account on next week! I though just GPS ready phones are just can be used for knowing our location, but with Google Maps, I will kow my location at anytime, any place, any where with no GPS receiver. Note that my N73 has no GPS receiver, I must plug-in the bluetooth receiver to allow me to use GPS system.

Below is the video I found that introduce Google Maps with My Location

Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6gqipmbcok

To get more infos on My Location feature click here

To try out interactive demo click here

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