26 January 2008

a fun or a boring day?

Yesterday, i went to Chang Sen Xue Longevitology Centre to help other people by meditating them. The mediattion time is from 10.00am to 12.00. This is the second time i went to the centre, but the first time i went back home immediately but for the second time, i just wait to help to "put hands to one madame, when her muscle cramp, the crampness will spread to almost whole body, so six volunteers, or members of Chang Sen Xue include me putting hands to whole body of the madame. After quite "long'" time, around 12.30pm, we had finish and the madame feels more relax. We feel very grateful and happy as as she. ''The lunch time had come!'' huh? i wonder why centre also serves lunch, oh i see, it just a simple tea time but with delicious Char Mee and some deli. But because of one of the member's birthday, so we celebrate at the centre and although almost many of the members are old folks, but they can talk and enjoy with people more younger like me!
That afternoon, i am also followed my mother to shopping to buy some Chinese New Year clothes, but i feel quite boring at there, with no reason!. Finally i also have my new clothes, haha.

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