12 January 2008

Global warming / pig manure is money!

Renewable energy is now very popular topic, pig manure can not be wasted. South Korea use pig manure to extract methane generation has been successfully started.

Pigs are one - from top to bottom, even pig manure can not be wasted, South Korea a pig farmers raised 4,000 pigs, each bow Mengqi, they made a day manure is considerable. In South Korea, the only previous pig excrement discharged into the sea as waste, but the pig farmers that Germany was pig manure can be converted into electricity, and decided to follow suit since.

South Korean farmers will be collecting pig manure, manure pile where the smell Cupola, Barron's, but pig farmers use bacteria from the stench of decomposition of methane extraction key, which is the methane can be used as energy.

South Korean farmers said: "We are pig farmers from now on, should be doing so, we have reached the 2011 pig manure can no longer discharged into the sea, and this is our response to the Road, the Government would be able to bring renewable energy."

- The contribution of the pig farms, have been brought to light and heat at 100 people, the Government has vigorously implement the "pig to" hope that one day could replace the expensive oil oil


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