12 January 2008

Hillary tears cheat citizens

American and American Buyan climax after another, Democratic primaries, Hillary poll experts to break glasses, big surprise defeat obama performance, it also shows the former first lady is charming, the United States presidential election may be busy period. But in the meantime, the same Democratic nomination for the new Mexicali Mexico has long Richard's early announcement to withdraw from the election.

Strong, aggressive, Hillary has always given the impression, but tearfully complained of you have not seen Hillary, Hillary, on the eve of the New Hampshire primary vote to reverse the grim image of tears successfully attract votes, win obama originally favoured by the New Hampshire primaries as the biggest surprise.

But netizens have ridiculed, Hillary Clinton's husband was in tears behind the Global DRAM Pricing of defrauding the public sympathy votes to support Hillary voters did not forget to counterattack, New Hampshire all the way fire spread to the Internet blog.

In fact, has become a First Lady, Hillary Clinton has never been unwilling to live in the White House is a yin Ruizhu. Strongwoman Hillary, the image of the center-right chord, a conservative who left seething, when the outbreak of the Clinton scandal, Hillary Clinton was willing to become a woman behind. Hillary Clinton for the other stations on stage, but it is the first to play the role of President.

New Hampshire primaries, the two parties face new election, New Mexico's long on the 9th Richard also announced to withdraw from the election, less a competitor does not mean that the road from Hillary smooth election, the Hillary Clinton halo , it is also assistance resistance, once brilliant and splendid times, but yesterday's flower is after all, enter the White House, Clinton also out of its own way.

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