04 January 2008

Kelantan Welcomes You!

The Year to be remembered offering culture, people and food. Beauty - and the East.

There are endless, colorful programess specially prepared for your year book throughout 2008.

Be here at the right time and at the right place. There alot to explore & experience the beauty of Kelantanese cultures.

Welcome to our VISIT KELANTAN YEAR 2008

Kelantan is located at the north-east coast of Peninsular Malaysia facing the south China Sea and covers a land area of 14,922 sq km. Its state capital, Kota Bharu, is a bustling town well connected to other major towns in Malaysia serves as the center for Kelantan's administrative and business activities. Kelantan is famed for its unique cultural diversity, white sandy beaches, waterfalls and lush tropical jungle.

The Kelantan Tourist Information Centre and State Government are keen to promote eco-tourism white maintaining the delicate ecological balance in nature. Investors have the opportunity to set-up international class hotel and beach resort, restaurant, souvenir shop, sight seeing and tour operations meet the growing needs of increasing tourist's arrival.

1. Mount Stong Waterfall. The altitude of Mount Stong is 1,433m.

2. Pantai Sri Tujuh - The Beach of Seven Lagoons.

3. The making of Batik cloth. You also can try it out yourself here!

As a Kelantan people, I take this opportunity wishing all of you welcome to Kelantan.
Once you come, you will feel it the sensation!


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