27 January 2008

new look of me!

Today, i went to saloon to hair cut.

Before this, i never went to saloon to cut hair or make anything about hair, before this, i just cut my hair to number 3 crew cut from a small hair cut shop near my house. But my mother 'force' me cut a 'nice' hair, she want my hair style to be stylish and nice looking( i wonder number 3 crew cut not nice ma??).

When i sit on the chair, i have no idea on what hair style i should cut, so the leng girl just cut for me the hair style called 'spiky'. Hahaha, this is my first time cut such hair style like this... but i am obedient to my parents, so i simple accept it...

actually this sis my second time went into a real saloon... yup, first time is because my mother want me to cut a fashioned hair style but the hair dresser said my hair is not enough long. You will think i am childish...yes, because i don't like to go to saloon, because waste money only...(huh? yes! i only use RM 4 to cut crew cut, but this spiky hair eat up me RM 15...siao! with RM 15 i can cut three times and a lunch!

But my personal thinking, our external looking represent our standard, so i can say it is quite nice to spend more money so that our standard is higher.

actually i am quite happy with my hair style and i think will change again...haha

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