19 January 2008

About these cars

Yesterday 18/1, Proton launched a new version of Proton Saga, before its codenamed Proton BLM. Yesterday, my mom pass by the Proton Showroom nearby my house, unfortunately i didnt followed my mom because i got something to do, she went there and saw the latest car from proton. According to my mom, the car quite nice, and cheaper.

Before this she already decided to buy a brand new Nissan Latio, but when this came out, her mind, again twisted again, thinking of the ''cheap'' price of Saga(sorry to say that, but it is very cheap as compared to Savvy, Myvi or Persona)

Below is some pics Proton Saga.
New Proton Saga - Rear 3/4

The Comparison of national cars with Saga. I had took these images on PAULTAN.ORG, the famous car blogger, personally i very admired at every posts on his blog because he can answer many questions that we wanted to know and for sure we must refer to the salesman, but with the site, you dont need.

New Proton Saga - Interior Table

New Proton Saga - Exterior Dimensions Table

soon, the Proton Saga will be ready for it. New Proton Saga - Dashboard
New Proton Saga - Dashboard

New Proton Saga
Manual transmission meter panel

New Proton Saga
Automatic transmission meter panel

New Proton Saga

I do not like the style of the rear windows screen of Saga, it cannot be fully winded down. But Proton made like that because of some reasons, one of the reasons is there are always kids standing while accompanied by adult the the head can easily out of windows, Proton made this so that the kids are not high enough to reach out the windows, but for sure kids will do anything to make sure they show their head out of windows.

New Proton Saga

See this pic, the Proton Saga are quite high too. It is slightly lower than Nissan Latio.

New Proton Saga

Nissan Latio Pics- I am very liking to Nissan Latio too! :) Well it is nice and comfortable!

Nissan Latio - Front

Nissan Latio - Rear

Nissan Latio Sedan - Front

Nissan Latio - Interior

Nissan Latio Sedan - Side

Nissan Latio - Interior Seats

Nissan Latio - Meter Console

Sporty Looking

This is the source:
Proton Saga Source from Paultan.org Here - more details and more pics.

These picture's copyright goes to Paultan.org

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