04 January 2008

Tesco opens at Kota Bharu! - Kini Dibuka Pasar Raya Tesco Kota Bharu!

Tesco started its business on 3rd January 2008 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.
I had visited there to see how grand is the Tesco, and for what i saw there, Tesco is completely organized and it has quite complete direction boards.

And I am also took some pictures using my mobile phone, the image are quite blur, but i am try to get most clear image, and what you know? i have deleted and retook and deleted again and retook again to make sure my pictures are as clear as digital camera products.

The image on the left shows one of the banner that shows the direction on how to go to Tesco. The words 'Kini Dibuka' mean Open Now.

The image on the right shows a traffic light that has a junction turn to Tesco.

The image on left and right show outside of the Tesco.
with three colour design, white, blue and red.

This image shows Tesco are not forget the Disabled person. They have their special parking for Disabled Person. First
in Kelantan! Well Done Tesco! And also special parking for parents with baby.

This image shows peoples are queuing up to register to become a Tesco ClubCard member.

This image shows locker located at outside of Tesco Hypermart. Just 50 Sen is needed and you can lock your important things safely.
You can also store your things temporary at counter with a number.

Left -Chinese New Year goods are
available at Tesco Kota Bharu.

Right - Inside Tesco Kota Bharu.

Left- You will see Bakery, Deli,
Meats and Seafoods along this

Right- Different products from different states in Malaysia are orderly arranged.

Left - Broadway path

Right image- Where should i go?
This area are equipped with escalators.

Outside Tesco Hyper mart ( Shop Lots)

The Ketupat making competition conducted by Radio dan Televisyen Malaysia Kelantan. The person who wins is given Cash Voucher by Tesco.

Parkway - a well known Gift shop opened!

Secret Recipe - sell delicious foods and cakes.

Nagoya Textiles - selling fabrics and clothes with reasonable prices.

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