01 January 2008

What I hope in this new year 2008

2008 Happy New Year.
I hope in this new year
+peace all over the world,
+keep the terrorist away,
+no bombings,
+no wars,
+no conflicts among human,
+no diseases
+all people are living together as a family even different religion, skin colours and different

In this new year,
I hope i can be a better person
+always healthy
+know more friends
+earn money
+*lover??* horse year's Tao Hua Yun pretty good...
+choose the most suitable course to further studies -aiming for my occupation
+communicate with friends in a better way
+lose some weight ( haha, i am quite big size you know?)
+no conflicts with my family and friends
+i can drive well ( i mean car, i have the license already)

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