05 January 2008

Will Google Knol blast off Wikipedia?

Have you ever used the services of Wikipedia, the world encyclopedia with more than 125 different languages include Thagalog?

For me, Wikipedia is a must if I want to search for anything new and something that I do not know about. But, Google is now try to compete with Wikipedia. Google introduce a new publishing platform called Google Knol. With this Google Knol, the actual name of the writer will be published. While, Wikipedia is based on collaborative, many writers will contribute on it. The aim of Knol is encouraging people to contribute knowledge, so each content on the page(s) will be authorized.

Knol is still in development stage and this is just the first phase of testing. Only invitation are allowed to use this service. Once the beta testing is completed, everyone be able to participate in Knol. People will be able to submit comments, edits, questions, additional content, etc. Rating on the contents also can be done. Reviews on the contents written too. Knol will also include references and links to additional information to relevant pages.

Wikipedia generate their service by donations from people all over the world. But in Knol, google will add Google ads that are suitable to the content of the page. And the service is still free just like Wikipedia!

Click this link to see an example of Knol page:

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