19 February 2008

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Hello to all visitor of my blog!

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Name : Bibombio Tay K.A. [ K.A. Tay]
Age : 18 (2008)
Gender : Male
Location : Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

bibombio, earn moneyFirstly, I want to thank to you because take a little time to visit my humble blog. I started this blog is just for fun but I see the potential of earning money by blogging, so I take little serious for blogging. For now, I have created Google Adsense-A service by Google and Advertlets-Asia Better Blog Advertising Network. Although I am just earning a piece of lizard shit, but i am still happy because I can learn many things from blogging, customizing New Blogger Templates, erase the blog template linking..hahaha. :P

How to pronounce bi-bom-bio ?
Bibombio is my nickname. Many friends of mine feel difficult to pronounce it as well spell it. Many version of my nickname such as bibombia*, bibimbio, bibombiu*, bibbombio* and bibiomio*.
note that words with a star(*) is WRONG. The correct one is B-I-B-O-M-B-I-O(bibombio).
Look at the image below, I made this tutorial on how to pronounce my nickname correctly since last year ago. I pasted on my friendster
. But since I have started a blog, so I am also pasted here too! See below and pronounce it correctly, ok?
Happy Learning!!! ^^

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Email : bighuge90[at]gmail (dot) com
MSN : a_i.love.u_z [at] live (dot) com

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Advertlets is now grow more bigger with the addition of two Mr Tan. Yes, that is Mr Tan and Mr Tan. They are playing with the 'eating money machine', the playing machine that i like when i am a small kid. I still happy although my mother don't want to insert RM 1 coin inside the machine because I not often can go to supermarket.
Also, I had joined Google Adsense Program.

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