22 February 2008

Chinese New Year Celebration at Kelantan Buddhist Association

Today, Kelantan Buddhist Association organized a Chinese New Year Celebration!
I am a Buddhist. So I have also went to there to celebrate with all Buddhist.

When I arrived there, I am glad because PLKN participators from Pantai Kisana, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. I am not selected to PLKN. It is National Service of selected 18 years old Malaysia residents.

Ang Pau were given to children. They also received two lokans as well.

Hin An Association's Lion Dance Group also being invited to present a very nice and great Lion dance presentation. I had took a few pictures on this.

As you can see, the person who wear blue shirt is a PLKN participator.

Karaoke Segment...

They are ready to tong tong chiang! Lion Dance group are ready now! Thay are just waiting comment from their monitor.

"All children must sit down!!"

Ready, get set, go!

Many people like to see lion dance presentation. This picture shows prove.

The lion is standing high!

turning back now

looking around huh

the lion sit down

coming down now

Thank you!

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