18 February 2008

DAX to DBE in one and a half year only

I am living in Kelantan State of Malaysia. Many people think that Kelantan people, or Kelantanese are poor people which cant even buy a better bread toaster or anything that they think they are more eligible to get but not for Kelantanese.

But I can say this is wrong!

Kelantan's car number plate registration are skyhighing!


Let see Kelantan's Vehicle number plates registration-DAX, DAY, DBA, DBB, DBC, DBE
each of them able to place a number of 9999 numbers( 1 to 9999).

I own a Motorcycle too! DAX 68XX. I register the number at July of 2006.

Till today, DBE will reaching the end in one month or more. Looks! DAX to DBE, 5 x 9999 - Kelantanese bought their vehicles amounting almost 50,000 in one year and a half! What a surprise number.

Everyday, I can say that Downtown road is always busy and bustling with various brands of Vehicles from old model of Crown, old model of Nissan to Nissan Fairlady, Mitsubishi-many modified cars of mitsu, with tinted Evos, Perodua, Proton, BMW(big money wasted), Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo, and Yamaha's motorcycle! I have a Yamaha motorcycle too[Statistic]!

So, what can i say is Kelantan people are heavy buyers, too!

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