23 February 2008

Error 404 Custom Domain Blogger Solution

To all individuals that i have asked for help, Thanks for trying to get me solved.

Reently I've purchased a custom domain through Blogger.
Once I purchased, I didnt get any "Transition ...." message.

My custom Domain shows Error 404 Page Not Found. I am frustrated at that time.

But my story changed after i visit this page from Raymond. Thanks to Raymond.

I have done my own changes so that my http://bibombio.com is also redirect to http://www.bibombio.com

my blogspot address is also redirect to http://www.bibombio.com

So, those who purchased a new domain through Blogger from GoDaddy, you are applied with Google Apps with Pages Active once you sign in(create) with Google Apps.

So, whenever you try to go to your custom domain that you bought, example http://yourdomain.com. You will received a message : Error 404 Page Not Found.

So, what you need to do is just make sure your

Web Pages(beta)

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is NOT ACTIVATED. If you found it is active, you should deactive it.

Steps are described as below(To overcome Error 404 Page Not Found) :
1. Go to Google Apps http://www.google.com/a
2. On the upper right side, type in your domain, such as http://yourdomain.com, then select Manage This Domain. You will prompted to key in your previously registered username and password.
3. You are landed on your Dashboard, see Service Settings. Web Pages are active, please click it to deactivate it.
4. Now go to your blog, Select Settings->Publishing-> Advanced Settings, key in the full custom domain, with WWW, example : http://www.domainxyz.com.
[clicking redirect http://domainxyz.com will cause Blogger Error: Another blog is already hosted at this address, you no need to click that because it will automatically redirect to http://www.domainxyz.com]
5. Finally, click Save Settings. You can see a yellow message on above says Settings Saved. Hooray!
6. Now you just to need to wait for 10 minutes to make sure changes applied.
7. After about a moment, maybe 10 or an hour later, you can go to your own domain. Your blog should redirect to your domain!

Good Luck!

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