15 February 2008

How Technorati Favourite exchange

Are you blogging?
Have you claimed you blog(s) at Technorati.com?

If you have done, and you want your blog become more popular, by the number of Favourite that you have on your blog, please do this a favour!

For first time user, can you see the Technorati section at the right sidebar? Clicking that will bring you to make my blog as a Favourite. So, do you want it too? Then you must claim your blog by register a username at Technorati.com first. If you have done, you just need to claim a blog and add a favourite button on your blog. I use Add to Technorati Favorites as my favourite icon. To use this icon, just copy and paste in your HTML widget. And Replace http://bibombio-says.blogspot.com with your own blog address.

To make this button: Use this code:

Add to Technorati Favorites
Add to Technorati Favorites
Add to Technorati Favorites

Now, I am sure you will like this!
This is called Favourite Exchange. You favourite my blog. As a result, i am also going to favourite you back!

So, you can favourite me here and for SURE I will favourite you back. Once you favourited me, you can post a comment your of your fav link. This make me easier to fav you back!

Fav me

And post a comment to me and also post your own Fav link!

I will also want to share a very great program made by Internetducttape. It is a program that will fav someone who faved you! And you no need to make any additional clicks to fav someone back. All job is done in a sinle click only!
Visit here to know more information and download page or you just want to download the great stuff instead!

Finally from me, Welcome to Technorati Favourites Exchange Program!

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