27 February 2008

I got chicken pox today!!!!Help!!

This morning as usual, i went to my accounting class, teacher teaches a new subject today!! that is partnership of two proprietors. Yeah!

After the class, i found out there are a few red dots and inside filled with water. I feel nothing yet, no itchiness yet. I scared because one of my family member just recovered from chicken pox.

After asking a pharmacist, yup, i got chicken pox!!!!!


Later i went to hospital to further checking. Yup, again the answer from the doctor is chicken pox.

I feel very hot, extremely high temperature of my body yesterday. Today, the sign of chicken pox appeared!

The doctor gave me a week of "school off", What??
The 'holiday' start 28-02-2008, and end 06-03-2008.

I've uploaded my Medical Certification here~~

I hope i can recovered from this illness faster so that i can sit my examination.
Hope who read my blog also wish to me so that i get cured very fast.
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

get well soon

Ian said...