18 February 2008

Is there any wireless credit cards numbers stealer?

just now i am watching a movie from my local television broadcast, the movie is about police investigation on a crime, or murder. One of the police found a device that steal credit card's number wherever and whenever the device is put near to a credit card. The device will 'scan' the credit card's chip on the air(like some kind of bluetooth, infrared or wifi) and record the numbers and private informations about the card holder into its database. And the device was able to scan all the credit cards limiting to 3 feets in radius. This is a quite big area you know! If there are any gathering on an event, usually that place will crowded with peoples. And the stealer will earn a big bunch of money! The device is a portable device, which can be inserted inside a handy dandy handbag or even pockets!

Hope that device is just a part(of unbelievable story) of the movie only. If the device is *really* a credit card number's stealer, it will bring another story of a money killer ...

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