22 February 2008

Level One Pitman Examination

I am participate in Pitman Examination on Book Keeping.
The examination date is around the corner, that is 6 March 2008.

So, I posted up here the style and structure of the question papers that maybe come out. Maybe it can help those people want to take Level One too!

There are 5 questions, Question 5 is optional. But why don't we try Question 5?

Below is the style and structure of questions :

Question One
1. write up cash book
2. post cash book to ledger
3. post sales invoices to ledger
4. post purchases invoices to ledger
5. extract trial balance

Question Two
-voucher no.
-folio column(next to amount received and before the last analysis of payment)
-balance c/d, b/d
-bank in(reimburse)

Question Three
1. -rewrite cash book
-update cash book
-correct cash book
2. balance the cash book
3. make bank reconciliation statement
-debit balance as per cash book
-credit balance as per bank statement

Question Four
1. prepare trading account
-gross profit/loss
2. prepare profit and loss account
-net profit/net loss
3. prepare balance sheet
-working capital
-net book value of assets
-capital at the end
-capital employed

Question Five
give definitions of four terms out of five given

that all i've prepared.
you can comment this if you think i have write wrongly or want to add something.

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