22 February 2008

Level Two Pitman Examination

I am participate in Pitman Examination on Book Keeping.
The examination date is around the corner, that is 6 March 2008.

So, I posted up here the style and structure of the question papers that maybe come out. Maybe it can help those people want to take Level One too!

There are 5 questions, Question 5 is optional. But why don't we try Question 5?

Below is the style and structure of questions :

Question One
1. write up cash book (bank & cash column)
2. open selected ledgers account
3. write sales day book
4. write purchases day book
5. extract trial balance

Question Two
1. prepare journal entries
2.draft suspense account
-different in book
3.factual questions
4. *provision for depreciation of bad debts to be created
Ans :
Profit and Loss (dr) £888
provision for depreciation of bad debts (cr) £888
5. *bad debt written off, a debtors bankrupt
Ans :
Bad debt (dr) £888
Debtor(s) (cr) £888

Question Three
1. redraft any error personal ledger account(s)
2. prepare sales ledger control
debit side
-balance b/d
-cheque dishonoured
credit side
-sales return
-discount allowed
-cash received
-bad debt
3. prepare purchses ledger control
debit side
-purchases return
-discount received
credit side
-balance b/d
4. control account reconciliation

Question Four
1. write up cash book
-cash and bank
2. working capital
3. factual question

Question Five
1. prepare trading account
-gross profit/loss
2. prepare profit and loss account
-net profit/net loss
3. prepare balance sheet
-working capital
-net book value of assets
-capital at the end
-capital employed

that all i've prepared for you and for me too!
you can comment this if you think i have write wrongly or want to add something.

so, hope you can wish me good luck in my examination! :P

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