16 February 2008

Malaysia 12th General Election 3 march

Malaysia 12th General Election drop on 3March 2008, announced by Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato Seri Haji Ahmad bin Abdullah Badawi.

That day is school holiday, so teachers are able to vote on that day. Many school will be used as election centre.

This election is managed by Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya(SPR). Click here to know more information.

As a eligible electors, you can make sure that your eligibility by checking the site online, without telephone to SPR, or go to their office.

To check your eligibility and additional information,
First, go to here as shown on the image below

Second, you can see Perkhidmatan Atas Talian or Online Services in English. Click That. You will be directed to this page.

Now, just key in your Identification Card number and press Submit or Semak in Bahasa Malaysia.

BUT, now I've summerize the steps above.
SO, you just need to CLICK HERE[For English] CLICK HERE[Bahasa Malaysia] to key in your Identification Number and see your result, whether you are a eligible elector and your voting location.

Other Alternatives :
1. Go to Local SPR offices to check your status.
Click here to know more about location near you!

2. Telephone Services
Click here to know the contact number on each states

3. Visit your nearest Bilik Gerakan from various Political parties[All parties in Malaysia]. From there you also can get many souvenirs such as stationery, hats, small flag, pins, mug, umbrellas(i have seen before), T-shirts etc.
news : voting centre still in rearrangement, but bilik gerakan is almost ready for all Political Parties.

4. Individual
Telephone your favourite candidates. He/She will settle to you.

5. SMS
type SPRIC no., send to 36677

What have candidates done to gain support?
from what i know, from newspapers
1. give lokans ( Chinese New Year celebration)
2. Angpow ( Chinese New Year celebration)
3. give roses( Valentine's Day)
4. Chinese New Year Open House celebration
5. XXY : I will do this this this that that that... after 14 years, you must change Now.....
6. XXZ : I will not punish the previous officer although they are from different party......
7. Visit house-to-house
8. Visit to markets, supermarkets, gain support from local residents
9. Announcing a great program such as insurance
10. As usual, flags, flags, and flags, from various sizes, can stick to vehicles, trees, telephone booth, buildings, lamp posts, etc
11. Reuse old tyres for decoration (Pas)[They think of recycle again]
12. very beautiful doll, and very cute too! they want to become the next person fly to the Moon. So who is the next Neil Amstrong?
13. Free newspapers for schools.
14. XXX : please bring up the proposal of upgrading your college to university, we will consider approve it...
15. Lands for 30 years to farmers to plant fruits and vegetables.
16. homes for the poor, with low rent rates.
17. RM 100 rent/month shop lot each for small entrepreneurs.
18. Free transportation to Voting Centre.
19. Blogging!
20. [very fast road repairs] repairs damaged road- also near my house too.
21. NCER will bring many .... Wilayah Iskandar ....
22. till here what i can remember

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