18 February 2008

My examination is around the corner!!

I have accounting courses starting early of this year and I am aiming my LCCI examination. But I need to learn from basic as I didn't learn Accounting in secondary school. And i need to pass my Pitman Accounting & book-keeping Test and Examination first. My Pitman examination for Stage 1 and Stage 2 is on 6 March 2008(unofficial date).

From all of my friends, I am always the last person who complete the test papers given by the teacher, i am quite scare of these examination. And I am also completely do not know that what is the level of the passing mark and what is the mark for First Class.

I am a quite person, so my friends often didn't talk to me so as me, just sometimes asking them for solutions on getting balance my account.

Starting of my accounting class, i found it difficult to double entry, but now this problem has less facing by me because i have done at least 15 test papers from stage 1 and stage 2. But i didnt say I am the genius because i just know how to solve and balance the final accounts. But sometimes i get it wrong when deal with the adjustments such as rent outstanding i misunderstand sometimes become rent prepaid, so putting it at current assets. But yet my account is still not correct although my balance sheet is balance.

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