19 February 2008

number error day of me

today is a day that full of number error where i always wrote numbers in error. I found difficulties to balance up my accounts work and i have double check, triple check, fourth check ...

i thought i had forgot to double entry because i always face this problem but i found no solution where i had done wrong. So, i decided to check all the numbers that i write...

...and yes, i found an error, a number error, 440 written as 400.

What the heck?!

i also made a few number error on my accounting work too. Such as 45645 become 45465, 28 as 26 10 as 16 and the worst of all error, made me took about 10 minutes just to check gain and again my works, 100 000, i wrote as 10 000. F**k!!!! A big difference of 90 000.

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