15 February 2008

Valentine's Day was over, me too

Opps look likes Valentine's Day was over....

You there got do anything to your bf or gf, give presents to your partner? or a romantic dinner at Putrajaya? Kisses? Roses? Chocolates(girl likes that) ?

Since i have no partner, single so i cannot experience any Valentine's mood.. Hahaha hope next year bring luck (auuuuuu........)

Yesterday, to celebrate the Valentine's Day, i just attended my friend's birthday party. She was so lucky because was born on this day! And she received a big present ( actually i do not know from who, but i am preety sure it is not from her boyfriend). Look at the big teddy!

She also added, 'the teddy will paired with the teddy on my bedroom.'
looks like her teddy also got its Valentine's Day. hoho!

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