13 February 2008

win rm88 from Advertlets

1. Advertlets has a new ad campaign for a new client that will run in multiple countries. Guess how many countries will it be running in?
Ans: 13 countries.
update : this is incorrect answer. the correct answer is 8.

2. February 14 is a significant date. As I am single this year, what will me and the Advertlets team most likely be spending the next few late nights working on, and announcing/launching on Feb 14? Hint: Most relationships are based on one person and how many parties?
Ans: You and Advertlets team will annoucing that you want to date with a girl... or you want to organize a one-to-one dating party on Feb 14. 2 parties involved, that is female and male, and,or Adverlets team and bloggers?


3. When was Advertlets founded, and what will we most likely launch on our first anniversary?
Ans: March 2007. I think is on the 9th March 2007. Adverlets will break the beta of 1.8 and launch the new version of Advertlets 2.0 .

cetusan naluri:
Saya baru jadi bloggers,

kepada anda jawapan yang pasti;

Bersama saya dengan Advertlets,

Untung duit senang hati.

sebenarnya saya ingin (dan telah) mencuba Pertandingan ini dengan mengulas posts ini.

Blog saya menggunakan perkhidmatan Advertlets, layarilah www.advertlets.com.
Visit www.advertlets.com.


Anonymous said...

haha, wrong answer?

Anonymous said...

haha, wrong answer?