12 February 2008

XunLei english speed up p2p on streamyx

For streamyx user, as we know, Streamyx will limit the speed of the p2p download.
Last time, i am utorrent user, bittorrent user, and emule user.

But i found this torrent downloader, XunLei which speed up the download speed of torrents we can downlaoding, such as big movies, albums etc.

I always using Xunlei English translation to download many torrent files. Even emule, i will copy the ed2k links and bring it to XunLei to download. The speed is incredible fast.

XunLei is actually made by China expertise, but it is translated to English version by a person named HeHeHunter.

You can checkout and download the XunLei here.

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70-297 said...

I have used XunLei and I found it awesome.By using it we can enhance our download speed a lot.Now I can download big movies and videos.It's really interesting and popular in my community.