19 March 2008

Enjoy my life

Today, i started to eat foods that are illegal to me. Since i got chicken pox three weeks ago, i am not allowed to eat foods that will affect my 'poxes'. I am trying hard not to scratch them well there are quite many burst when i 'touched' them, hahaha.

I ate bagua in hokkien or dried meat BBQ from Kiew Brothers. I like this very much.

I also ete some Popiah stick, a tiny popiah, usually popiah is around 6-7cm length and 1-2com in diameter, but this tiny popiah is even smaller than that of the usual popiah which is filled with vegetables. I like popiah very much too, it is my favourite since i am a small child don't know very much about this world.

You can see the popiahs there, i ate while i am reading newspaper. I read the news about the new cabinet of Malaysia. (hey hey, the PM Dato Seri Ahmad Abdullah Badawi our PM and Dato Seri Najib Razak our Vice PM on the newspaper header) If you are Malaysian, must get to know it what is happening in our country. Click Me to know the new cabinet member and the shrinkage of New 12th Cabinet.

Yummmmmmy, it is so delicious!

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