08 March 2008

Entrecarders Links

This section is for members of Entrecard. Each First Entrecarders that already dropped on my site, feel free to drop your link here too!

Reply to drop your link, just write your link(eg. http://www.bibombio.com) and your preferable screen name.

Anyone that has added your link here, feel free to drop on my site everyday!
For sure, i will drop on you too!

My first target is 50 links. I will select one lucky person for each 25 links added. 25 ec points will be given to the lucky person!! May be I will call my sister to select it!

I have to say that even my little prize is *invaluable* haha, this is because the drop on my site are instable and I am just officially participate in Entrecard Program, yes! by dropping to others site and they will drop on you too!

Check out these Entrecardropers
1. Frank Uncovers Excellence in Leadership