08 March 2008

General Election Gallery

Today is the 12th Malaysia General Election. I followed my family members to voting centre. Along way going to Sekolah Menengah Chung Cheng(Dun Kota Lama Voting Centre), i've took a few photos. Note that I am not allowed to vote yet :D

[click it to view in larger image]

This photo i took it a day before Election Day. Many people from outstation back to Kelantan to vote.

This photo i took it from Kelantan Buddhist Association during morning of Election day. You can see the tiny dot on the left upper side, that is PAS's balloon. The huge temporary building is BN's Bilik Gerakan(Operation room).

I arrived at Voting Centre of Dun Kota Lama, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
That is the place for people to check their information and voting room.

Those in yellow shirts is people on duty for Election Commission of Malaysia(Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya). They are waiting for someone who really need help, such as whel chair person.

Many people are queue up since 9.30AM. They(especially people from Saluran 3) are uneasy with those SPR Officer because of the 'slow motion' on their job.

I took this two days before the Election Day. This is the Kereta Kebal(Tank Vehicle) from PAS.

PAS-Green , Barisan Nasional-Blue. They created a green and blue waves!

So many buses! Hey Hey!!

A nearer version from Photo #1. You can view clearly the balloon from PAS party.

There is hypermarket in Kota Bharu is closed on 6.00PM today(usual time is 10.30pm). This is because they take precaution on the changes of government whether the blue wave covered green moon or vice versa.

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