06 March 2008

High competition between two hypermarket

Yesterday, i got brochures from two of hypermarket located at Kota Bharu. I got Billion Shopping Centre Kota Bharu, Kelantan Brochure from a delivery man. I got Tesco Hypermarket Kota Bharu, Kelantan from a daily postman who visits my home almost everyday! :p

I got two for Billion and two for Tesco.

Every people know that Tesco is one of the hypermarket offering the lowest price for many things, now Tesco claims that they already lowered 500 items' price. So far I do not know how true is this.

This idea makes me starts to compare the same products offering at the stores.
Tesco brochure shows the validity for the offer is from 6 to 18 March. Mean while Billion Shopping centre is from 6 to 15 March of 2008.

I start to compare the same products from two different stores.
I've took the pic to show the difference of the price. From what i can "caught", i got 10 same items sold at discounted price.

The following show 10 pictures on same products:
Blue colour for Tesco KB
Red Colour for Billion Shopping Centre KB
1. Farm's Best Golden Crumb Chicken
Tesco : RM 7.50(best)
Billion : RM 7.95
difference : RM 0.45

2. Olay Total Effects 50gm
Billion : RM 29.90 (best)
Tesco : RM 30.90
difference : RM 1.00

3. Comfort
Billion : RM 4.50 (best)
Tesco : RM 4.89
difference : RM 0.49

4. Huggies
Tesco : RM 32.29 (best)
Billion : RM 34.90
difference : RM 2.61

5. Chipsmore
Tesco : RM 2.89 (best)
Billion : RM 2.95
difference : RM 0.06

6. Cencaru Fish per kg
Tesco : RM 3.90
Billion : RM 4.50
difference per kg : RM 0.60

7. Big Onion per kg
Tesco : RM 0.70
Billion : RM 1.00
difference per kg : RM 0.30

8. Edwin Brief 3'
Tesco : RM 9.90 (best)
Billion : RM 11.90
difference : RM 2.00

9. 39 drawers plastic box
Billion : RM 29.90
Tesco : RM 32.90
difference : RM 3.00

10. Sawi (Vegatable)
Billion : RM 1.00 (best)
Tesco : RM 1.50
difference : RM 0.50

So, for you, for me, for everyone will choose the hypermarket that offer the lowest price.
But as a consumer, we must think wise too because even we go to the cheapest store to buy Y, then go to another store to buy X, we could lose to other factor such as parking(waste time), fuel(need transportation unless walking, perhaps walking uses time too)

For my personal opinion,
Tesco, claim to be the lowest price retail store, they try to compete to their nearest competitor. The customers are the most happy! Although Tesco are trying to compete, sometimes they win, sometime others will offer a lower price! So as other competitor, Pacific Hypermarket.From what i heard, Tesco few weeks ago sells Garlic for RM 3.99 per kg( I saw this), claimed on the price tag as "JIMAT" but Pacific Hypermarket, KB Mall just offered RM 0.99 per kg(i heard this). I laugh when i heard that P just sold for less 1 sen to RM 1.

If Tesco wants to be the lowest price retailer, I wish Tesco Happy Success!
To other retailer, i personally wish you Happy to join this endless Happy Competition! :p

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