24 March 2008

I met a horrible person

Today, i went to my school to give some certs to principal to certify it. While I am waiting, a teacher came to me. He asked me some question. The words he used make me very sad and some how like very angry too.

Below is the conversation with him. (not 100% guarantee original words)
"Good Afternoon sir."
"So, you've already took your result?"
"Yes, sir."
"How many As you got?"
"I got 8As only. Not very good-lah."
"8As? You from which class?"
"I from 5 Science 2."
"Oh, you from 5 Science 2? Bad! Bad! This is very Bad!(continue to say bad or not good result for many times, I didn't count it.)"
"Oh I see."
"Really Bad(shaking head). Must take 10As"
"So, where will you go after SPM?"
"I apply quite a lot, include of IPTA, Private as well matriculation."
"With your result, you try go to JPA Medics, RM 25,000. If you are lucky!"

I ended the conservation with "thank you" after he go away.

Luciky I am a rational people! I am not intentionally to commit suicide! haha.
I think he should rethink of himself. He is a x teacher. I do not know how to replace the x.
I know that I am in 5Science 2, getting 8As only can embarrassed many people, especially him.( I am actually happy of my results. Actually I accept what is already written in the Book[The book situated above our head, God can see us from above).

I did not defame or has evil thinking of the teacher. But based on what the teacher said, the teacher was really looking down on people! Lets think that if his child got same like my result in every examination, what will he feels when someone talk like(like conversation above) that in front of him and his child?

Again I repeat, luckily I am a rational people! If not, maybe committing suicide maybe can happened and he is murderer!

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70-642 exam said...

You are right.I can understand your feelings.This is very important to not embarrass anybody in this way.I think this is a very bad attitude.