26 March 2008

I was wet. I want Android!

Yesterday morning, i went to my accounting class as usual. But that day was a rainy day, quite heavy too! So, i decided to wait until the rain turns small. After 10 minutes, rain are small yet force me to start up my motorcycle and get off to my commerce school. Once i on the road, heavy rain flooded.

... heavy rain ...

I drove in reduced speed, more or less, around 50km per hour. The rain continue to drop on the land and the surrounding are cloudy and dark.

Once I reached my commerce school, the sky immediately uncover, the Sun shines, the rain turn from mist and stop. Well i feel cheated and i hope if i can just start my ride to my school.

... i am very wet when i reach my school. Luckily none of my friend comment on me.(maybe they just laugh in their heart).

Just as a tit bit
Today, i get to know that Google's Android phone will available this end of June ( or summer). I read this here, thanks to Tom Krazit. I was happy. I could not wait for long time to get this!

The Android prototype.

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