07 March 2008

Maimun Yusuf the oldest contestant of Malaysian Election

Maimun Yusuf is the oldest person among of all contestant in Malaysia 12th General Election. Her campaign will end this night, 12.00am. Tomorrow is the most important day for everyone who aged 21 and above in Malaysia. I do not think that i am quite late to know that Maimun Yusuf got her own blog, Facebook Profile, Fan Club, Youtube Profile and Picasa!

So, to whom who read this, please feel free to visit the links above. You will know more about Maimun Yusuf. Please also support Maimun Yusuf because she wants her RM 10,000 back!!!

For more latest information, view her blog at http://MaimunbintiYusuf.blogspot.com

For pictures, view Picasa Gallery at http://picasaweb.google.com/maimunbintiyusuf

For videos interviewed with Maimun Yusuf and suporters, view http://www.youtube.com/user/maimunbintiyusuf

Join Maimun Yusuf Fan Club now!

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640-802 exam said...

It's interesting to listen about Maimun Yusuf.In most of countries women do not like to participate in elections specially in Muslim countries.