04 March 2008

Secret of why Digg is famous

Today, I want to try a new service from Digg. So what i need to do is just simple, that is just register to become a member!

When i came to registration form, I found out the Gender has different of what i can say, "Categories"

We know almost all registration forms whether online forms or paper forms only indicate Male and Female only.

But today what i though was completely *broken*!
I think this is unbelievable! And yes they could categorized it in many different of "quotes" and unknown words such as grrrl?

Was that "girl"?

I chose Male of course. I am not intentionally to choose other categories other than Male(If i am female sure i will choose Female as well).

Maybe if there are more member will join Digg other than Male, Female and Homo. Example? Bird.

There are over 10,000 species of birds in the world. About 925 have been seen in the U.S. and Canada. About 1,000 have been seen in Europe. By far the largest concentration of bird species are found in South America. Over 3,200 species have been seen there. In Colombia, Bolivia and Peru the species count for each country tops 1,700. Here are some very general figures for the species count for each continent:

3,200 South America
2,900 Asia
2,300 Africa
2,000 North America (from Panama north + Caribbean)
1,700 Australia + surrounding islands
1,000 Europe
65 Antarctica

source here

Look, Antartica also has popularity of 65 species!!!
If they are joining Digg too, Digg is really the world famous site!

Congratulations to Digg!
To me too! because i have become a member of Digg!

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