03 March 2008

Tagza A New Social Bookmarking Free Just For Everyone

Introduction :
The benefits of social bookmarking sites to a blog can never be overstated. Frankly put, if your blog becomes a hit on a social bookmarking site such as Digg, Tagza.com then the potential for your blog to receive thousands and thousands of additional hits is quantified immensely. Yet, there are many bloggers who do not take advantage of social bookmarking sites simply because they are unaware of how these services work. Ok, so let's take a look at some of the basics of social bookmarking and how they can effectively aid in boosting the traffic to your blog.

Social bookmarking is a spin on the traditional internet feature of bookmarking your favorite web pages. The main difference is that with social bookmarking there is a collective sharing of these bookmarked web pages. That is, you can recommend your bookmarked pages to others within your social bookmarking community and other members can make recommendations to you. As time progressed, added features such as reviews and emailed updates on user bookmarks have been employed by numerous social bookmarking sites to make the experience unique and constantly interesting. New bookmarks often go into internal networking RSS feeds and a bookmark that is truly eye catching can lead to a significant increase in traffic. This is where bloggers have the potential to thrive!

I am pretty sure you are already know about Digg. It is a social bookmarking website.
So as Tagza.com, with Tagza.com Web 2.0 you can easily bookmark what you have done on your articles in your blog(s).

To submit your articles, you just need to register a membership with Tagza.com. You can register become member just for free. This means NO CHARGE AT ALL!

I've become a member of Tagza since my first visit to this site. The registration is very very very simple, what you need is only an username, email address, and some code just to prevent excessive and fake registration. Then you are complete!

The next step you should put widgets on your blog, Blogger or Wordpress available!

To submit a new story, just click "Submit A New Link" and you just need to follow only 3 steps.

Step 1 : Insert your story URL ; click continue
Step 2 : Complete details ; click preview
Step 3 : Preview and click Submit Story

Thats all!
Easy right?

Do you know?
1. You also can vote others' story so they might be vote yours too! This will increase your story's popularity!
2. Adding Tagza Butons can help your visitors to submit and vote for your content.
3. Register with Tagza requires no email confirmation.

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