06 March 2008

Today is my examination

I sat for two examination today, Pitman Book-kepping and Accounts Level One and Level Two.

I arrived at my examination hall at 8.25am but it is closed. I have to wait until 20 minutes until the door is opened.

The level one starts 9.00am. As you can see, i secretly took this picture when the invigilator starts to open the packet of examination question papers.

This is the answer sheets that i've received.

After about one hour and 20 minutes, I've done my Level One!
Look at this!! Yeah!!

The Level Two Pitman Book Keeping and Accounts starts 2.30pm
You can see the question paper here.

I finished quite late, many of my friend already pass up their question paper and answer sheets.
I am the third last person to pass up my work.


Anonymous said...

LoL..this is the first time I see someone blogs about the exam and take secret pictures!

One point for your bravery, dude :D

Ian said...

@michael aulia :
well, this is the first time i am allowed to bring mobile phone to exam hall. So, i try to took some pictures.

"i blog what i like"