14 March 2008

Today's photos - Da real iphone

I went to Tesco Kota Bharu a few weeks ago i took these picture from there.

This is one of the department in Tesco. You can see refrigerator.

Look at the upper right side, can you see the round green sticker?
this is nearer version

This is mini trolley

Look at the trolley, it is for children not more than 12 years old. But i am using it that day! haha

Also, i've uploaded some quite funny pictures. Hope you will enjoy it!

This is the "real" iphone

Ready for play?

no comment on this picture...

Oh pity guy...

Update 15 March:
This images is about making love and regret. They boy just meet a girl and they do that horrible thing inside a car. The girl said she has already eat the contraceptive pill but finally she don't. The boy need to work hard, his car need to sell out and he just using a bicycle after 9 months the baby was born.
For who know chinese, you can see the funny image below.

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