20 March 2008

World Buddha Relics Exhibition Day 1 Part 1

I went to Kelantan Chinese Industrial Chamber Hall this morning. I went to there because i am interested in the World Largest Buddha Relics Exhibition. I (include Kelantanese who are Buddhist) am(were) very happy because we can collect wealth(积福), with the various colours and sizes of Buddha Relics from different part of body will attract many Buddhists in Kelantan as well in others states in Malaysia especially Terengganu, Pahang and Perak. There are also foreign visitors came to here to take a deep look at Buddha Relics! I get to to know they are from California, United States of America.

Around 9.45am, i arrived Chinese Chambers Hall.

This is the outdoor section.

The entrance to Chinese Chamber Hall. Its Free. I am given quite a lot of gifts when my entrance, i just need to fill in some infos, maybe it is a survey.

I went into the hall, I saw this 7 different colours of Buddha Relics. Its ages around 2000 years ago.

The middle one is Buddha's finger. There are white colour Relics inside the finger.
Left and right bottom side-This is Relics from blood, i can see yellowish gold colour and blue colour. The colour will change by time to time. I get to know this when i asked the experienced volunteers.

Buddha Relics! Wow!

Amazing! Kelantan Buddhists should be very proud because this exhibition is organized in Kelantan.

This is Buddhas Hanging-on-the-wall Pictures.(I am unsure about this, Please correct me)

Book of Collection sell here too. It is a must to buy if someone need get know further in Buddhist Study.

Crystals sell here too. The energy from the Buddha Relics Exhibition for three days will enrich(加词)the crystal as well.

I took this picture when His Holiness the 18th Dromtug Rinpoche Losang Choekye Pelden shows the Moving Buddha Hair. Yup, the hair is moving!! I do not cheat! I saw it moving with different action!

This is 财宝天王. I think the English is called The God of Fortune and Wealth. I hope that someone could correct me if the English translation is wrong.

This is 浴佛。 I bath the Buddha for three times and make wishes.
[p.s. i do not reveal the wishes, so sorry! :) haha]

I am interested in this that is "Buddha Gold-ening". Who want to make this, the person should pay RM 10 for 3 thin gold sheets. The person can choose three different location on where to apply the gold sheets.

Look at below, all of these things are what i were received.

This exhibition will be on for three days, starting today until Saturday 22 March 2008.
I feel very happy because can see the Buddha Relics.

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We also visited there with you.You explained very well.I also like to visit such exhibitions.You fond here crystals,books and other interesting things .It's really awesome.Thanks for sharing.