30 April 2008

Happy PageRank 4!

www.Bibombio.com pagerank
Looks like Google has update their PageRank and my blog ranked 4/10. I was very happy. For sure, I want to thank to all my friends who has linked me. Also thanks to Google because ranked me from 0 to 4. As I know many people just ranked 1 from starting and getting higher and higher. When my first time check, I can't believe my eye that the bar shows few milimeters of green bar. But I recheck at some page. Yup, PageRank 4. I am excited...

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I don't like alcohol!

From the result of my poll, the most liked idea among of all voters is taking alcohol.

For me, alcohol is bad for our body. I can see many ah pek drinking tiger and black dog in the kopitiam while one leg is one the chair. Alcohol can make us dizzy and i can see many movies, they always one night stand when they drunk then the next day just leave away from hotel...zzz

The ranking number two is Clubbing. I don't have any comment about this as I nerver clubbing before. :)

The full result of the poll
1.Take alcohol. 22%
2.Clubbing 17%
3.Make sex with someone 14%
4.Further my study 11%
5.Get a gf [if u are girl, then bf] 8%
6.become a mature person 8%
7.Marriage 6%
8.Smoke cigarettes 3%
9.buy lottery/gamble 3%
10.tattoo!! (^^) 3%
11.Renew IC 3%
12.Participate in clubs. 3%
13.Register credit/debit card 0%
14.Watch tiger show 0%

I thought make sex with someone is everyone's favorite! I am wrong. It just ranked number 3. I personally think that make sex with someone is considered as exercise too! It exercise our sex organ besides make our thing flow faster with oxygenated blood as well reduces the chances of getting prostate gland cancer(for male).

Well, number 4. Everyone will try to improve themself so that they can learn and study for a higher level of education. Its same for me, later i will go to UNITEN, maybe...

For sure, I will get a girlfriend!

I feel disappointed because no one like to see tiger show. Why? This is because nowadays tiger already extincted?

Now I don't know why I like to listen to Olympic Songs. I've uploaded some to youtube. Hehe!

29 April 2008

Interview and time clash...sigh

My cold still didn't relieve yet...:(
Today, I checked mt status about my application on the acceptance to kplspm.
perguruan ambilan julai 2008, semakan dalam talian, maktab perguruan, ppc
Well,I am selected. I am quite happy about that. Its on 22 May 2008. But, on that day too is my examination date. What the heck! I think I will leave away this interview as I paid for my examination...

李欣怡 - 圆缺(情牵南苑主题曲和片尾曲)下载

情牵南苑, ntv7, malaysia, age of glory, kajang




李欣怡 - 圆缺
圆了一场梦 缺一生的悔
抓不住的笑容 风干了泪
生命交错迂回 无尽的追
放下我 谁又是你下一位
他们说月有圆缺 所以才美才浪漫
周而复始的爱凄美 心太酸
就算躲不过阴晴 逃不了缺残
承诺烂漫星光 永远陪伴夜晚
又说人生有圆缺 所以更期待圆满
谁又舍得歌唱离别 泪满杉
万盏霓虹 不比你爱璀璨
剪影你轮廊 如影随形的孤单

27 April 2008

Slow in morning, fast in noon-poor service!

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Today, my mother and I went to Klinik Kesihatan Kota Bharu or known as Hospital Pesakit Luar Kota Bharu. At 9.30 am, we arrived there. There are already a lot of people waiting for their number to be called to go to first floor for a doctor. I pressed two number(one for me and another for my mother as well). After 10 minutes, reach my number and i paid RM 2 and go upstair.

Then we go to first floor. When we arrived at first floor, what a shock!

The number was so so so far, current number was 0164 and my number was 0309! That time, i suggested my mother to left there first then come back. But my mother recommend that we should stay there to wait for the number. So what i need to do is just wait. To prove that I am not cheating, I've took photograph.

After waiting for 1 hour 30 minutes, the numbers rapidly increases! I don't cheat! Yet they still second time call and last time call for those who still didn't go to their doctor. But the number calls really fast like bullet train! haha :D
why? I think this is because they realised their lunch time is coming, 1.00pm. So must clear off the morning patients so their afternoon patient will not over flood the hospital caused they can't come out from the hospital.

Well, see my number is coming now...0307...two numbers more.

Yeah, after described all the symptoms to the doctor, I went to Pharmacy Unit to wait again. Well, after 15 minutes my number is called and i received the medicines as below.

I hope I will recover faster after eat those drug! I feel better now, yeah!

26 April 2008

Appealing Matriculation!

Last few weeks, i do write about the Matriculation. I am not selected to the Matriculation 1 Year program. And MCA Youth is giving a golden chance by helping those student to appeal to go to Matriculation Program.

And I also want to appeal!

I go to MCA Youth Website here to print the appeal form. Then i prepared all, include my spm slip, photocopy of my IC etc. The most important is the appeal letter, surat rayuan written in Bahasa Malaysia.

Then I use PosLaju deliver to MCA and Ministry of Education. Done!

Actually I didn't hope so much for the appeal...

And the result will be out at 26 May 2008. Hope to see my name or the person phone up me. :)

25 April 2008

Go to uniten for study

Yesterday i received an offer letter from Universiti Tenaga Nasional. I've selected Foundation in Civil Engineering. Now I am currently planning how to go there, and some other things need to prepare.

Considered things :
black slack trousers
White full sleeve shirt
neck tie
track bottom trousers
sport shoes

actually i am thinking of changing my course in uniten...


这个星期Bibombio又为你介绍了一首我觉得好听的歌。这位歌手来自中国,他正忙着奥运献歌,但是还是推出了一首有他独特风味的情歌-你快乐吗。哦,忘了说出歌手,他就是孙楠。这首歌由金牌词人林夕联手美国音乐家Simon Perry联手打造,深情大气,直入人心。

24 April 2008





我的病都是跟着一种款型, 那就是先咳嗽,第二伤风,发烧(到我写的时候还没),有痰,就好了。哈哈!

23 April 2008



Today is World Book Day! 世界书香日

happy world book dayFirst of all, I wish everyone a very happy and meaningful World Book Day!

What you have done today? I ask you! Well, for me, I do nothing today, just ...(no idea how to continue this post...) ha! just go to Accounting class in the morning and go back home and sleep.

Actually I like to read magazines, such as Time, Reader Digest, Top Gear, FengShuiWorld, and many tech mags. I touched FHM Magazine for once only in bookstore and the cashier looked on me(that time i have yet reach 18). Eventually FHM magazine just serves some sexy models as well as much more advertisement. I can see advertisements on each leaflet. Well there are no ads in the middle part where all are 'full screen' of beautiful models, displaying their sexy bikinis and smile and doing sexy post...(ehemm...wiuweet)

LOL, look like i talked about this too much. Maybe some of you feel sleepy and with a single click says bye bye to me, I will be sad (T.T). In this day, we can do many things to encourage people to read books. Actually adult books with horny pics and comics and some techniques on how to...(you know this, it doesn't matter for me not to say it out) are also considered as book right? So, it is not advisable to read those books. Why? I also don't know.

I started to read the historical of the World Book Day. It is started by UNESCO in 1995, click here to read more.

[FlashBack]I still remember last time when i in secondary school, i feel lazy to read text books and teachers are no-no to text books. They prefer hands-on or just write notes to blackboard and we as a student just copy down all the notes. My Physics teacher in Form 5 is my school's principal, he is a very dedicated teacher and a good principal. Congratulations to Mr Choo because he is now honoured as Pengetua Cemerlang(Excellent/Model Principal-from the translation to English from Bahasa). he used to use text books to teach in my class during his lesson. He always said text books is important because all the questions on government examination will derive from the text books and not reference books. But reference books is good too because it widen our knowledge and various examples ensure student can tackle on the question easily and make students understand more on the syllabus.

22 April 2008

Earth Day 2008 : whats happening?

Today is the World's Earth Day 2008. Actually I just realised that today is it when i log to yahoo.com. I found the recycle logo and start thinking what's happen today. Because of my eagerness to know, I surfed google.com, well i saw the earth, with beautiful scenery. Yet, I want to know more, go to msn.com and yeppi! Found the words 'Earth Day 2008'.

I wish the people(include me on this world stop cruel to animals, land, seas, atmosphere etc. This is because Mother Nature will respond back to us!

Try to look at the Earth Day 2008 pictures from my routine websites.
1. Google.com

2. Msn.com

3. Msn.com.cn

4. Yahoo.com

5. Youtube.com

I've submitted my message to Google on my plans to take on climate change. If you have not, act now, its free![Click Here]

I also like to read this website, the earthdaynetwork Action Centre, on what you can do on this Earth Day action of the month. [Click Here]

Don't easily throw anything u think is waste such as rubber tyres. It can used to plant plants, thus beautify our garden.
I am a dirty minded person too, please use condom to do that thing with bi*ches because you dont know what will happen to you! Don't selfish to buy a condom because you want to save the world! haha :) happy day from me!

21 April 2008

Beijing Olympic Torch Relay:Kuala Lumpur 北京奥运圣火开始在吉隆坡传递

Today is the most memorable day for people in Malaysia because the Torch Relay for the 13th stop, Kuala Lumpur begins at Independence Square, 2.20pm(GMT+8 Kuala Lumpur). The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) president Tunku Tan Sri Imran Tuanku Ja'afar was the first person honoured at being the first torchbearer for the Kuala Lumpur leg. 16.5 Kilometres with 80 torchbearer from Independence Square to Petronas Twin Towers, ends 6.00pm.
For me, I am very happy because torch relay in Kuala Lumpur is completed peacefully. Go Beijing Go Olympic! One World One Dream!

Beijing Olympic torch relay in Kuala Lumpur
Local Chinese and Chinese Foreign students welcome the Olympic torch during the torch relay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 21, 2008.
Beijing Olympic torch relay in Kuala Lumpur
Local Chinese cheer for the torch relay.
Beijing Olympic torch relay in Kuala Lumpur
Jiang Xiaoyu (R2), vice president of the Beijing Organizing Committee of Olympic Games, attends the launching ceremony of the torch relay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Beijing Olympic torch relay in Kuala Lumpur
Flame guards kindle the lantern carrying the Olympic flame ahead of the torch relay.
Beijing Olympic torch relay in Kuala Lumpur
Torchbearer Lin Yu Zhong poses with Olympic flame during the torch relay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Beijing Olympic torch relay in Kuala Lumpur
A torchbearer runs with the Olympic torch amid heavy rain during the torch relay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Beijing Olympic torch relay in Kuala Lumpur

20 April 2008

Ringtones sharing!

My friend requested me to suggest some sites on weird ringtones. But I am unable to do that. Sorry, dude! However, I've uploaded some weird sound ringtones at my blog! so you can just hear and download it.
1. Chicken calling you!


2. Baby Cow

3.Chick Scream




I hate Accounting?

Today, my teacher gives my friends and I two sets of Accounting past year papers.
Finally I am the last person completed the test paper. Am I really have no interest in Accounting?

19 April 2008

Yummy KFC

Today my mom bought 2 pieces of original chicken from KFC. She bought it because my sister request it[greedy :(]. My mom gave me and my sister each one piece and she just ate the coleslaw with bread(actually half of the bread, the remainder is for me! :) ) Thanks mother!

Yummy chicken.
Opps! the tomato sauce shoot out(i could not think out other word, haha :p) yucks.

And I wish KFC a happy birthday too!

Bibombio.com is fixed for second time!

On previous post, I wrote my blog is just recovered.

But After 30 minutes from that time, again my blog is offline. I do not know what is the real problem and why this is happened. I just create a subdomain for www.bibombio.com and redirect to another page. But this cause http://www.bibombio.com stopped working and letting the subdomain only to work. So I revert the changes and now Bibombio.com is live now-for second time. I really got one two lesson.
1. Dun play play with domain
2. Godaddy is really slow

Now, these problem flamed so much. So I will not do any changes on the DNS again.
I would like to express my regretfulness to one person for what had happened during these new days. Looks like the subdomain didn't works. However, we still can do something beneficial to both of us.

Bibombio.com is fixed now!

The problem started Friday 1.30am, my blog, http://www.bibombio.com has some technical difficulties. So, my blog had been offline for about 24 hours. After I've fixed something, my blog is live now!

For regular guest and new visitors who faced 'Server not Found' or 'Page Could Not Be displayed'. I am sorry and I regret what had happened because bibombio.com is expanding! More feature will be up here so do check out my blog regularly!

17 April 2008

168th post - Weekly New Songs

For your information, this is my 168th post. I am happy to launch the 168! This number is considered a lucky number among Chinese.
好耶!这是我的第168个帖子。我希望我的生活都一路发!也祝你有美好的一天 :)

This week, I recommend 3 new songs, 2 are Chinese songs and 1 English song.

1.Usher - Love in this Club

2.陈奕迅 - 不要说话

3.刘德华 - 一晚长大






从今日起,Bibombio.com Bibombio的开心部落格将会使用中文。这也代表了Bibombio.com也是一个中文部落格。无论如何,我也会用英文写哦!因为bibombio.com也有一些不懂的中文的参观者。希望大家,哥哥,姐姐,妹妹,弟弟,妈妈,爸爸,阿姨等人会支持我的Bibombio空间喔!多谢!

以后,要寻找中文的帖子,只需要去Categories, 然后点中文区就可以了。或者在Bibombio的部落个上端点中文区就可以进入由中文写的帖子。


16 April 2008

My Matriculation Result.

The result of Application of Matriculation for the year 2008/09 out now!
Among of my friends in tuition class, i was "late" to check my application.
They checked through SMS system for which i think is unreliable.
So, I just made a check once i'm back from my tuition class.

Some of my friends who select Accounting got it. And for remaining who select Science Stream, such as me, got this letter...

Dimaklumkan, Bibombio tidak diplih untuk menyertai program satu tahun ini.

Well, I am not selected. But Uniten and TARC offered me. Which is better for me?

14 April 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Today is my birthday. I am happy to know that 邱胜翊-王子, 曾志伟 and Adrien Brody are same birthday as mine.

Happy birthday to them too!

Today morning, my mother prepared 12 red eggs.
And I am required to eat 2 eggs. Other than that, my mother also prepared mee sua(long life noodles) and Carrot Soup Noodles. A cup of Milo is a must for everyday.

I received 3 ang paus(red pockets) from my parents and nanny.
I received a surprise gift too! That is an offer letter + various forms from TARCollege. They offered me! Well, this yet still in my consideration.

For ALL my Friendster Friends, I want to wish you a very thank you, 谢谢 for wishing me happy birthday and belated birthday.
Especially Miss Shueh Yean, its nevermine to be the last person. :p
Thank you!

13 April 2008

My 18th Birthday's what to do

In the previous post, I'd mention that I will point out what i will do freely when I am ready to be a 'not a kid anymore'. 18 years old means we are mature enough? Actually I think thoroughly, well the answer is yes. Why, because we are mature to make our own decision. But there are many resistance yet to be overcome by ourself, like parents decision on our things.

Well, I would not talk about that. I just want to target my dreaming and skyrocketing targets and some are nonsense but I am sure everyone like that!

You can vote too!(see NEARLY BOTTOM of this post!!) Thanks ya! ^^
I've listed 14 things, and
The list starts here:
1. I can go to pub and bars! hoping too see many lenglui there, kaka...but wait, see #2

2. I can drink alcohol LEGALLY. Carlsberg, XO, Whiskey are waiting for me... Hmm, I never drink alcoholic drinks before, Maybe i want to try...(I am not a gentleman? Before 18, actually I just drink Shandy which contains 1% alcohol) Consume Shandy before 18 is illegal? Next, the letter starts with C, let see below.

3. Cigarettes. But for me, just dreaming to smoke still OK. I will not smoke. It is bad for our health! Everyone knows that.

Next, number 4 is-->

4. I like buy things with plastic money. So, I will register a credit carddebit card from local bank. This will make me easier when I want to buy something online. Errr, can i use the card when to pay the pros? I am sure the professional pros will bring along their telephone cable with the card machine to hotel(Yeah, staying in hotel need a card too apart from paper money). My dream car are Bugatti Veyron, Honda Civic Mugen(yeah, this is better for road in Malaysia :P)

5. As I've mentioned above, to pay something worth for our money, and for our relaxation. Visiting bitches is really fun and producing some juices instead of just hearing da sound is worth more than watch porno videos[SAFE]. Their beautiful curve will make sure out hero standing high is an easy job. (But I am a good person, but I can't assure that I will not patronize with them.)
[LOL, what the fart am i saying-weird English, when dealing with s-e-x, my head become blur and start thinking narrow]

6. Tiger Show in Thailand. Nowadays there are less people go to Golok already because of safety reason.

In Thailand, a special sex show involving a number of acrobatic displays. Examples of what to expect at a tiger show are, women shooting darts out of their pussies, women shooting ping pong balls out of their pussies, and women women opening beer bottles with their pussies. Fun is had by all, and generally each man in attendance finishes his night with a private performance from one of the entertainers.[credit to Urban Dictionary]

7. Want a GF. I need not consent from parents and both parents' agreements. I am working hard to search for my dream girl. Yup, wish me good luck o!

8. Apart from getting a GF. Want to marry my lover too!

9. After 18, this mean I am no more a child. I need to go out to further my study, living in a new situation, no more parents' babbling, no more enjoying time in study like Secondary School. I must think wise to select which path will me go, the grassy road or the broadening highway, or just stop and let wind blow us away? So, many important decision

10. Use my brain to think deeply, wisely, properly and twice time.(This does not mean I never use my brain at once when i am a children. Just to note that everything I've done, I must responsible to it. Eg. Killing people will sentence to court(will have a chance to say hello to Judge)and jailing. -or-[If make sex with gf and she is getting pregnant I must not to leave her alone or persuade her to abort] Agree with this?

11. Buy lottery, got a tiny chance to win. My lucky number is 8. So, I like to buy 4D or 3D+1D, 8888 or 3838. Yeah, good and bringing luck numbers.

12. get a tattoo. A dragon or mickey mouse or hello kitty?
Hey, see the tatto! don't think other things. The hello kitty tattoo is still nice rite? Don't care about the mountain...if u feel this make you angry or hate to me or unsuitable, feel free to comment me to remove this pic.

13. Renew Identification Card. Do a passport as well. Yeah, can travel with my lover one day.

14. Become a member of Tesco ClubCard. & Wait 3 more years to vote in Malaysia.

12 April 2008

OneLife : Do something

Today, I went to KB Mall to visit an exhibition brought by World Vision. The exhibition really bring me a new experience to me to know more the suffering of the children in all part of the world. They are infected of HIV, suffer from AIDS and trafficking. Their life are cliff-hanging.

I went into the 'real life' of the children. However, My life is Jothi from three children. She live in India. Her parents are dead since her child age, and she stayed in her uncle's home. Her uncle always uneasy with her and always scolded her. Finally she got out to collect trash to sustain her life.

The fresco or mural on the wall of the exhibition.

The introduction of the One Life Revolution Exhibition.

I got a hand printed 'negetive sign' when i made a check. The negetive HIV person, its me! haha :)

Before leaving the "world" of the children, i wrote messages. I wrote in Chinese language hehe. For visitors who know Chinese language, comment little bit ar!

Do visit One Life Revolution's website here! 加油!add oil oo!

My birthday countdown!

2 more days is my birthday. Usually, I do not organize my birthday party or invite friends to hang out for breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner or supper. I use to celebrate my birthday in the simplest way but very meaningful.

Because of this year birthday is my 18th birthday, it means

I am no more a kids. According to Malaysia Government 6-year-old to 17-year-old person who study in Malaysia is called children. WTF??! a Children?? a small little kid?? So, when I am 18, I set my own 18 target to face my 18 years old. The next post of mine will contains at least 18 targets on what to do, how to face that and that, tit bits of the world!

Yeah! I get First honour from Youtube!

Today I feel very happy because my

uploaded video, FOR THE FIRST time, was given an honour! Yup, the clip that i've uploaded is here. it is Jay Chou's new song for Beijing 2008 Olympics!
I've upload the screenshot too! The clip was ranked #93 most viewed Music Category Video in Taiwan. Although it is just Taiwan, I am happy too, because my uploaded clip get the honour! You can see the honour section too in the clip. My username for Youtube Profile is Kianaik03357. You can see the thumbnail of the clip at the first column, second last two row from bottom.
ranked #93-from Kianaik03357

11 April 2008

周杰伦 - 千山万水 + 歌词

周杰伦 - 千山万水 + 歌词

周杰伦近来最受瞩目的创作新歌《千山万水》,前晚(4月8日)突然先在内地电台首播, 令歌迷们惊喜不已,争相在网络转载流传。

  周杰伦昨天听到《千山万水》已在北京音乐台FM97.4首播,先吃了一惊,说:"啊! 播啦?"接着表示:"很高兴,希望大家喜欢。"最近常被好奇追问"千山万水"曲风及内 容,眼看4奥运获选歌曲公布在即,周天王也难免心情忐忑,坦言:"当然希望能中选。"

   结合周杰伦与老搭档方文山创作功力的《千山万水》,融合摇滚与中国风曲调,还加入了一 段京剧唱腔,周董表示,想让外国人听到不一样的东方音乐,因此加入不少中国风的元素, 有网友乍听觉得节奏太慢,这其实包含着周杰伦的创作用意,他说:"旋律比较简单,是因 为希望让大家能朗朗上口,加上符合奥运主题,展现出壮阔的气势,又尽量不失我的味道。 "

  原本较被担心的咬字问题,网友则给予称赞, 对此,日前的记者会上,周董曾说:"我有尽 力唱了,尽量注意咬字清楚。"至于有网络传出这首歌将收录在新专辑里,杰威尔唱片否认 道:"这是他专门为奥运写的歌,不适合收到新专辑里。"但不论月底奥委会公布结果入选 与否,周杰伦已表示,想在5月1日北京演唱会上首度现场为歌迷献唱这首歌。


下载周杰伦 - 千山万水 MP3

10 April 2008

Oh no! I've installed WGA!!!

I switch on my computer today, as usual to surf net. But today, there are some process running in the background. And i could not define what is happened. What i get is only i need to click many request from my firewall software, COMODO to install Windows Update components. Well, as i clicked many "accept". Then i realised that i've updated my computer last 2 days! How come there are update just after i started my computer. So i made a check, wtf! I've installed Windows Advantage Validation Tool from our big brother! Actually that tool i just left there since January. With every updates, I just unclicked the WGA and press Install.

But now, a big Congratulations to Mr Bill, you have successfully 'force' another victim to install your most greatest 'tool' in the world that can make you earn money money! So, you will have more money to buy Yahoo! But Yahoo is very strong in its foundation!

Now i scared that my computer will pop-up every 30 minutes asking me to purchase a genuine Windows Operating System.

I don't want this to happen to me!!! I don't want the most annoying pop-up in the world! But until now(the time i post this) there is no any message that shows my windows is not genuine. Hmm I am happy to know that my copy of windows is still genuine. Hahaha! Yes!

09 April 2008

My lowest deal at supermarket

Today, I pay a visit to a supermarket near my house. I need to buy a little bit of mung bean because someone has taken away the mung beans that my sister grew it. I suspected that one of the children from the nursery beside my house "stole" it.

Because of government's new billing mechanisms, I am not allowed to take too little mung bean (less than RM 0.02). So, i took a little bit more and the price is RM 0.04. Yeah, I went to cashier. The sweet girl(i think is a young trainee) laugh(not smile), she is laughing with a low volume because she said this is the lowest transaction she have made! Well i am still surprise because she accept my 5 Sen coin that has some impurities on it.