19 April 2008

Bibombio.com is fixed for second time!

On previous post, I wrote my blog is just recovered.

But After 30 minutes from that time, again my blog is offline. I do not know what is the real problem and why this is happened. I just create a subdomain for www.bibombio.com and redirect to another page. But this cause http://www.bibombio.com stopped working and letting the subdomain only to work. So I revert the changes and now Bibombio.com is live now-for second time. I really got one two lesson.
1. Dun play play with domain
2. Godaddy is really slow

Now, these problem flamed so much. So I will not do any changes on the DNS again.
I would like to express my regretfulness to one person for what had happened during these new days. Looks like the subdomain didn't works. However, we still can do something beneficial to both of us.


Anonymous said...

hello there!
yup, your blog is finally available again! ^^
should be really relieve isn't it? =)
thanks for dropping by my blog yea! =)
haha~ ya lo, i also quite shock that my cousin have the same birthday with you ^^
happy belated birthday to u again and have a nice day! ^^

Ian said...

haha, thanks again!
ya, very relieve now... and just finish the kfc fried chicken