22 April 2008

Earth Day 2008 : whats happening?

Today is the World's Earth Day 2008. Actually I just realised that today is it when i log to yahoo.com. I found the recycle logo and start thinking what's happen today. Because of my eagerness to know, I surfed google.com, well i saw the earth, with beautiful scenery. Yet, I want to know more, go to msn.com and yeppi! Found the words 'Earth Day 2008'.

I wish the people(include me on this world stop cruel to animals, land, seas, atmosphere etc. This is because Mother Nature will respond back to us!

Try to look at the Earth Day 2008 pictures from my routine websites.
1. Google.com

2. Msn.com

3. Msn.com.cn

4. Yahoo.com

5. Youtube.com

I've submitted my message to Google on my plans to take on climate change. If you have not, act now, its free![Click Here]

I also like to read this website, the earthdaynetwork Action Centre, on what you can do on this Earth Day action of the month. [Click Here]

Don't easily throw anything u think is waste such as rubber tyres. It can used to plant plants, thus beautify our garden.
I am a dirty minded person too, please use condom to do that thing with bi*ches because you dont know what will happen to you! Don't selfish to buy a condom because you want to save the world! haha :) happy day from me!

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