14 April 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Today is my birthday. I am happy to know that 邱胜翊-王子, 曾志伟 and Adrien Brody are same birthday as mine.

Happy birthday to them too!

Today morning, my mother prepared 12 red eggs.
And I am required to eat 2 eggs. Other than that, my mother also prepared mee sua(long life noodles) and Carrot Soup Noodles. A cup of Milo is a must for everyday.

I received 3 ang paus(red pockets) from my parents and nanny.
I received a surprise gift too! That is an offer letter + various forms from TARCollege. They offered me! Well, this yet still in my consideration.

For ALL my Friendster Friends, I want to wish you a very thank you, 谢谢 for wishing me happy birthday and belated birthday.
Especially Miss Shueh Yean, its nevermine to be the last person. :p
Thank you!

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