30 April 2008

I don't like alcohol!

From the result of my poll, the most liked idea among of all voters is taking alcohol.

For me, alcohol is bad for our body. I can see many ah pek drinking tiger and black dog in the kopitiam while one leg is one the chair. Alcohol can make us dizzy and i can see many movies, they always one night stand when they drunk then the next day just leave away from hotel...zzz

The ranking number two is Clubbing. I don't have any comment about this as I nerver clubbing before. :)

The full result of the poll
1.Take alcohol. 22%
2.Clubbing 17%
3.Make sex with someone 14%
4.Further my study 11%
5.Get a gf [if u are girl, then bf] 8%
6.become a mature person 8%
7.Marriage 6%
8.Smoke cigarettes 3%
9.buy lottery/gamble 3%
10.tattoo!! (^^) 3%
11.Renew IC 3%
12.Participate in clubs. 3%
13.Register credit/debit card 0%
14.Watch tiger show 0%

I thought make sex with someone is everyone's favorite! I am wrong. It just ranked number 3. I personally think that make sex with someone is considered as exercise too! It exercise our sex organ besides make our thing flow faster with oxygenated blood as well reduces the chances of getting prostate gland cancer(for male).

Well, number 4. Everyone will try to improve themself so that they can learn and study for a higher level of education. Its same for me, later i will go to UNITEN, maybe...

For sure, I will get a girlfriend!

I feel disappointed because no one like to see tiger show. Why? This is because nowadays tiger already extincted?

Now I don't know why I like to listen to Olympic Songs. I've uploaded some to youtube. Hehe!

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